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Message from the President

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President Tony Collins

In front of you—on your screen and in our world—lies an exciting, challenging future. What will it hold?

Many of you know that I was born and raised on the other side of the globe, in Melbourne, Australia. My journey to this time and place—for which I am eternally grateful—has taught me both how large the world is and how small. This seeming contradiction is key to understanding how the future arrives: it is everything you expect and nothing you expect. To thrive, you must be ready, open, smart, and agile on your feet. Clarkson University is all of that, to a degree few other institutions can match.

Our choice to remain a small campus community is in many ways our largest advantage. At Clarkson, collaboration and innovation aren’t separated by enormous distances, structures, organization charts, or egos. New ideas, new connections, multidisciplinary insights, and conventions defied are literally a few steps, a bit of lawn, or an enclosed walkway over a patch of snow away. That is how the future is shaped here every day: people think, people talk, people care, and people act—together.

And that is how you will help shape the future of Clarkson, our community, and our region. Together with people who think, talk, care and most importantly, act with conviction.

E2E is the formula, the means, and the logic for Clarkson’s future. The core components are academic quality, fiscal stability, alumni and community engagement and partnerships that deliver unprecedented benefits for society. Your commitment and generosity in this campaign will provide the energy. The result will be forward progress, innovation, success—a future that works.

With your support, I am confident, 100% committed and very enthusiastic about what we will create together at Clarkson. I urge you to share in the adventure.

Tony Collins
President, Clarkson University