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E2E—Evolution to Excellence—is the precise and powerful formula for an accelerated form of applied intelligence and world-changing innovation at Clarkson University. And this is your moment to shape the future at one of the nation’s most respected and most unique universities—where very high-level, high-tech, leading-edge research is driven by a learning community of very practical, focused, down-to-earth, highly productive students, teachers, and mentors. Where the top rung of science, technology, engineering, business, entrepreneurship, and innovation meets the workman who needeth not be ashamed. Innovation and discovery, rigorously applied to today’s and tomorrow’s pressing issues and challenges. Genius with a serious work ethic. Groundbreaking results achieved with our feet firmly on the ground.

In this moment, at this tipping point, your generosity and support are a form of time travel: give today and you will help realize a vision of tomorrow for Clarkson, our region, our nation, and our world. And rest assured that E2E is not the evolution defined by tiny changes over immense spans of time, nor is this the over-promised and under-delivered excellence defined by ambiguity. This is defying convention in productive ways. This is approaching every new day with a long track record and a clean sheet of paper. This is evolution separated from revolution by the clarity of its vision and the steadiness of its purpose. This is excellence clearly and continuously defined by results, by breakthroughs, by achievements.

For several years, generous and visionary donors to Clarkson University have built much and powered much—huge advances in academics, resources, and facilities have already been made. We have reached a one-of-a-kind moment: Clarkson stands at the door to sustaining long-term greatness. To date, this campaign has provided the key and unlocked that door—now comes the time to step forward and pass through.

What does Clarkson look like today? If you haven’t visited the campus in some time, it has the same values and the same spirit you remember, but it has added muscle, speed, reach, and reputation. In every way, Clarkson is a stronger institution than it was a decade ago. Clarkson University is a nationally ranked research university, listed by U.S. News & World Report in the top tier of America’s best, and climbing higher with each survey. Today we rank very near the top 100 of some 1,400 surveyed schools—extraordinary given our size and location, completely expected given our work ethic and willingness to defy convention. 

Clarkson has always been a place where a great education is accessible to first-generation college students as well as smart, pragmatic, hard-working kids from all economic backgrounds. That hasn’t changed: we also rank among the highest on the U.S. News list of Best Value Schools, where above-average quality intersects with below-average cost. Some 50 acclaimed academic programs—ranging from engineering, business, entrepreneurship, and innovation to the physical and health professions and the arts—include signature areas of education and research that rank among the nation’s best. New initiatives and continuing progress in sustainability and green building carry Clarkson toward the forefront of intelligent resource use.

And when it comes to our people—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—while their lives and skills and futures would have been unimaginable to Clarkson’s founders some 115 years ago, their hearts, minds, and drive would be instantly recognizable. One in every five alumni is either a CEO or senior executive. Many are entrepreneurs. All are making a difference.

This is the tipping point, right here, right now. Great things await. We invite you—we urge you—to step forward and push.

E2E is the formula for great things, and its prime ingredient is you. Please explore this website, and you’ll discover much more.