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Proposal Submission Notice

Investigator Information: (Clarkson University Investigators only)

Proposal Information:
Received by Postmarked by

Submission Information:
Electronic submission only
Paper submission
(Original plus copies)

Conflict of Interest:
Is there an actual or potential conflict of interest with the proposed work involving a Clarkson University employee, as defined by Clarkson University's Conflict of Interest policy at (If yes, a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form must be completed and submitted prior to proposal submission.

Center(s) Allocation:
This project is also related to the following center(s) and the shown percentage should also be allocated to that center(s). (This is in no way affects the departmental credit for proposal submission to the Investigator(s) Dept.)

Compliance Information
Check any of the following that apply to the proposed project.
Explain how it pertains to your proposal.
Human/Animal Subjects
(requires special committee approval)
Use of hazardous or radioactive materials
Export Control discussed in connection
with proposal (describe).
Involves collaboration with foreign entity
(list entity)
Involves proprietary information or materials
Use of recombinant DNA
(provide explanation)
Use of Clarkson facilities to host
a workshop or conference
Waiver or reduction in Indirect Costs
Matching Funds required
(forward agency requirements)

Additional Project Information
This project will involve a subaward to another institution.
This project will involve cost sharing or matching funds from Clarkson University.

Budget Information
This budget will include administrative/clerical salary and/or items currently classified as indirect costs (i.e. office supplies). Provide justification in the budget narrative.
Project Type
Project Type:
Research Topic 1:
Research Topic 2:
Research Topic 3: