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Jacob Swain '09 Digital Arts & Sciences

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In high school I started playing around with simple animations and web design. I realized that I really enjoyed these hobbies and wanted to pursue them further. So I started looking around at colleges that had a degree in the digital arts field. After a bit of searching I found Clarkson and immediately applied. After talking to my advisor I decided to become an engineer, but after a year of that I realized that wasn’t for me, and went back to my original plan of being a digital artist.

Since starting in the Digital Arts program I have learned many different mediums, techniques, programs, and styles. I have edited photos to make a city look like it is exploding out of a small town, drawn a late night city street, designed websites for a variety of customers, modeled a 3-d shoe, designed a library, and created a 3 minute 3d animation.

The classes are great, but what really makes the program is the sense of community. Everyone knows everyone and is always willing to help each other out. The professors are always there and willing to help out. I love how friendly everyone here is.

With this degree I would feel comfortable working in 3d animation, product design, web design, graphic design, film, programming, video game design, and the list goes on. But no matter what I end up doing I know that I will be happy and very well prepared.