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Tim Penderghest '09 Digital Arts & Sciences

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I came into the Digital Arts and Sciences as the first class, so I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what I’d be learning, what I’d be doing, and where I’d be four years later. That’s the best part about the program; you can make it what you want.

We were introduced to areas such as traditional art, 2-D design and animation, web design, video editing, 3-D modeling and animation, and interactive arts. This let me quickly find out where I fit in, landing much more on the technical side than in the traditional art forms. I settled into 3-D and interactive arts. Once I found my focus, I had the freedom to concentrate and develop as an artist within that field.

The major is also open in regard to interdisciplinary studies. Many of the DA&S majors have a second major or a minor. The strong background in math and computer science that the program provides allowed me to dual major in computer science. This blend of creativity and technical background has allowed me to develop a unique skill set that has opened many doors.