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Data Entry and Screen Update:

Editorial and Review Activities AND Professional Service has been combined into one screen: Editorial, Review and Professional Activities.  (This will eliminate any confusion - in the past, Review activities could be enter under either of the old titled screens.)

Grant/Contracts/Sponsored Research Screen -- Update in progress (expected completion date Sept. 2014):
In order to eliminate multiple listings of the same grants on the summary page:
  • Each grant/proposal will now only be listed once;
  • The grant/proposal will be listed under the PI (“Entered By:” on the Summary screen)  and linked to each Co-PI;
  • Each time funds are received, a new entry line will be added to the details of the grant.  Therefore when you click on a specific grant, you will be able to see all disbursement for that particular grant on one screen (rather than have to search the summary screen for multiple entries of that particular grant);
  • As in the past, all data submitted through DoR is entered automatically through a Download directly from DoR records.  Faculty should only enter data for grants that are not submitted through Clarkson’s DoR.  Please do not enter grants or proposals that you are submitting through DoR as that causes duplicates and, often, confusion.