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The High School
Clarkson School students typically rank in the top 10 percent of their
high school class, score extremely well on standardized tests, and
demonstrate motivation and academic excellence. To complete an
application portfolio, students will need to submit the following materials:
• Application/Essay
• Two Teacher Recommendations (Preferably from a Mathematics and
Science Teacher)
• Secondary School Report (Filled out by the Guidance Department)
• Official Transcript
• Standardized Test Scores (PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT)
Priority deadline for applications submission is June 1.
for more detailed information about
our admission process. Students can also arrange a visit or an interview,
or request an application. Email us at
or call us at
How to apply
Students accepted to The Clarkson School are considered for federal,
state and University funds. Clarkson offers families an array of financial
aid options and tools to ease the financial commitment associated with
a college education. Federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans
is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
for United States citizens and permanent residents. To be considered
for financial assistance, you much first file the FAFSA, and designate
Clarkson as a recipient (Title IV Code: 002699). Students can apply
online at
It is important to note if they choose to
remain enrolled in a high school while they are enrolled in The Clarkson
School, they will only be eligible for Clarkson Financial Aid. All students
are automatically considered for all scholarships and grants available at
Clarkson University upon acceptance.
Financial Aid
Clarkson School students are college students; we do not grant high school
diplomas. However; students who wish to earn a high school diploma, or its
equivalency, have three options:
Receive the high school diploma while enrolled at TCS. This requires
working out a plan with the high school ahead of time. TCS personnel can
assist the student and their high school with this process. In some cases
students are able to schedule their high school required classes in the first
semester allowing them to graduate in the January time frame.
Apply for a diploma from the NewYork State Education Department after
successful completion of 24 Clarkson credit hours in six different disciplines.
(This is possible to do during the year at The Clarkson School.)
Take the two-day NewYork State General Equivalency Exam.
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