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Aeronautical Engineering
American Studies
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
AretĂȘ (Double major in Liberal Arts and Business)
Biomolecular Science
Business Studies*
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Digital Arts & Sciences
Electrical Engineering
Engineering & Management
Engineering Studies*
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health Science
Environmental Science & Policy
Financial Information & Analysis (finance, accounting,
management information systems)
Global Supply Chain Management (operations, marketing,
technology and economics)
Information Systems & Business Processes (technology,
management, data analysis and operations)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (marketing, management,
technology and economics)
Liberal Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Therapy (pre-physical therapy leading to a doctorate)
Political Science
Pre-Medical Sciences (dentistry, medicine, physician assistant, PT and veterinary)
Science Studies*
Social Documentation (Double major in Communication & Media
and Social Sciences or Humanities)
Social Sciences
Software Engineering
University Studies*
5 yr. BS/MS in chemistry or biomolecular science
5 yr. BS/MBA
3 yr. BS programs are available in some disciplines
* For students who are still exploring their fields of interest
Graduate Programs in Business, Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences
(MS, ME, MBA, DPT, PhD). For a full listing by area, please go to:
The Best of Both Worlds
High-Powered Academics and Personal Attention
Clarkson School students have the best of both worlds, access to all the resources and amenities of a
nationally ranked university, with separate residential facilities and a staff dedicated to meeting their unique
individual and collective needs.
Clarkson School students can choose from a wide range of programs in business, engineering, the
sciences, humanities, pre-law, pre-med, physical therapy, physician assistant, and many more, while also
taking advantage of:
Specialized interdisciplinary programs
Programs tailored for students who are still deciding
Opportunity to apply to the Clarkson University Honors Program for exceptionally talented students
Portfolio building components with access to volunteer work and personal development
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