International Students at Clarkson University - page 14-15

The Clarkson Meditation Room
A space on campus for worship and quiet reflection
“When I go to pray,” Abul Khondker says, “sometimes other people are in the meditation room. Some read from
the Bible, others sit quietly. People practice yoga. I ask if it’s OK to spread my prayer rug and everyone is always
so gracious, so respectful. And there are times when we all pray together. We coexist and it’s wonderful.”
Meru, Kenya
Cervical cancer
“I’ve been welcomed here, like I’m family.
Many of the people I’ve met have made me
feel at home, even when my brothers and
sisters are 3,000 miles away.”
Majoring in biology and psychology, Gicobi
is working on a project examining cervical
cancer at the cellular level. By focusing on
the specific zone where this type of cancer
originates, she says her research can shed
light on its causes and prevention.
“Once our research yields results, we can
take our findings to medically underserved
parts of the world — like my village in Kenya
— and reduce rates of cervical cancer. It’s
now one of the leading causes of death in
the developing world.”
Joanina Gicobi ’15
Biology and Psychology
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