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Ready to apply? You will fill out an application to Clarkson University, and a separate application for the Honors Program.
Both are available on the Clarkson Web. The Honors Program is looking for students who:
• defy convention
• display intellectual curiosity
• possess motivation and take initiative
• handle risk and uncertainty
• have an excellent work ethic
• dedicate themselves in leadership and service.
An application to the University Honors Program consists of an application
form, essay and resume. Applications will be reviewed and a select group
of candidates will be offered an interview.
• apply online
• get in touch with the program director
• correspond with a current Honors student
• arrange for a visit and/or interview
Email us at
Or call us at 315-268-2290/2320.
• Jon Goss, Director of the Clarkson Honors Program and
Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences
• Kevin Lobdell, Associate Director of Student and Alumni Relations
• Jennifer Townsend, Assistant Director of Academic Advising
• Marcy Wilcox, Assistant to the Director
Clarkson University is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and has endorsed the principles of good practice.
Clarkson University does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation,
veteran or marital status in provision of educational opportunity or employment opportunities and benefits.
Clarkson University’s Advisory Committee on Campus Safety & Security will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the
United States Department of Education. Contact the director of Campus Safety & Security, 315-268-6666, visit
or go to
/ for statistics on all universities.
Honors alumni stay involved after they leave Clarkson. They provide
internship opportunities, then serve as mentors for the interns. They host
students during graduate school visits. Those working for companies recruit
current Honors students for internships, co-ops and full-time jobs.
Andy Berryann
. Since graduating from Clarkson and starting at
Pratt & Whitney, he has helped recruit more than a dozen Honors students
for company co-ops, serving as a mentor for many.
Brendan Leach
(Mechanical Engineering) leads a team working on
Technical Design and Prototyping for Package Development at Procter &
Gamble. He feels that the Honor’s Program at Clarkson gave him experiences
that helped him to get where he is today and he wants to repay those who
helped him by ensuring that Honors students continue to have the mentoring
that he was fortunate to have. “Clarkson is one of P&G’s top recruiting
schools and I have been working with alumni and professors to increase our
presence on campus to provide more opportunities for students.”
Alumni tackle problems all over the world, but they take the time to stay
connected. They know where to find problem solvers like themselves, and
they know how to nurture problem-solving talent.
Closing the
Sam St. John ’03
Giving Back is a Way of Life
Sam St. John has traveled the world as
an engineer at Procter & Gamble. He has
professional publications and research
papers. He is pursuing a Ph.D. at the
University of Cincinnati. But he finds time to
give back to the Honors Program.
“So many of my colleagues went to
mega-versities where there was no tight-
knit campus, no sense of family, no sense
of place. Giving back to the school is important. I want it to be a place where
students, regardless of background, can go knowing they will graduate with
respect,” Sam says.
“I’ve worked at P&G, the largest consumer goods company in the world
— a company focused on touching lives and improving life. I helped lead the
campus recruiting organization to Clarkson because I know P&G will find
graduates there on par with any school in the country.”
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