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“I am very grateful to the Honors Program for providing me with the incredible
research opportunity
efore my first semester of college and for assisting me in achieving my
goals for the future. I feel as though
I have a strong support system of Honors staff and
students, as well as my research group
who will be available for me throughout my time at
Clarkson if I ever need help with anything.” — Hayley Grassi ’16
Performing original research as an undergraduate is a
defining feature of Clarkson’s Honors Program that may
begin the summer before your freshman year.
As an Honors student, you can participate in research each summer of your
college career, even the summer before your freshman year, and Clarkson will
fund your living and research expenses.You’ll apply passion, skill and rigor to
tackle open-ended problems that will make a difference.You’ll work side-by-side
with faculty mentors in state-of-the-art laboratories.
Karen Dawson ’14
Environmental engineering, chemical engineering and political science triple
major Karen Dawson always wanted to do a semester abroad but found it
challenging to fit in with her busy class schedule. She also wanted to spend
the summer before her senior year doing more research to prepare for
graduate school. So, when she learned of a special opportunity for an Honors
student to perform research at the University of Bradford, it seemed like a
perfect way to accomplish two goals at once. Living in a city with a fusion of
cultures and beautiful Victorian architecture, Bradford (in Northern England)
gave her exciting opportunities, including creating her own research for the
first time.
Her research involved analyzing different methods of creating biodiesel —
specifically how different catalysts and alcohols affect rheology and energy content.
Unlike some of her other research experiences, Karen was able to define her own
research question and design her own experiments. She says, “It is refreshing and
definitely helping her prepare for such freedom in graduate school.”
Exercise Creativity.
Create Knowledge.
Pinguang (Dawson) Yang ’14
Pinguang Yang joined the Pre-Frosh Summer Research Program in 2010 and
worked in an organic chemistry laboratory for five weeks before matriculating
at Clarkson. In summer 2011, he did research in cell biology at the Weill
Cornell/Rockefeller/Sloan-Kettering Gateways to the Laboratory Program, and
in summer 2012 he joined the Summer Undergraduate Research Program
(SURP) at Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
to do research in molecular biology. With the exception of a co-op semester
at Procter & Gamble in spring 2012, Pinguang has been in the lab during the
school year working on the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical
cancer. This work, which is the basis of his Honors thesis, helped him win a
Goldwater Scholarship in 2013. After graduation, he hopes to continue his
work on cancer in an M.D./Ph.D. program.
Broaden your learning experience through special programs
Participate in one of Clarkson’s 39 study abroad programs in 20
countries, including Australia, France, England, Hong Kong, Germany,
Ireland and Spain.
Learn on the job through an internship or co-op with an industry leader.
Join one of 16 competitive design teams and compete at the regional
and national level as part of our award-winning SPEED program.
96% Job Placement Rate,
one of the highest in the nation.
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