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Careers in Health and Medicine
The University’s comprehensive curriculum in arts and sciences, business
and engineering provides a rigorous backdrop for students interested in
pursuing advanced degrees in medicine or health. Specialized personal
advising, intensive research experiences and practical clinical opportunities
lead to outstanding placement rates of graduates into medical and dental
schools, physical therapy programs and other health professions.
Through special advising, all majors at Clarkson excel in preparing graduates
with exactly what law schools want — students with an ability to analyze
complex problems and reflect on diverse views. An engineering degree from
Clarkson will set you apart because you’ll have the added savvy of computing
and information technology skills working for you.
Spanning boundaries between disciplines.
Several majors at Clarkson are already deliberately
designed to cross traditional boundaries and align with emerging career opportunities.
Software Engineering:
Software engineers master the application of theory with the knowledge and understanding of software processes
in order to build complex software systems that run global business enterprises and underpin cutting-edge research and diagnostic solutions.
The primary major courses are taught by faculty in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.
Engineering & Management:
The Engineering & Management program is designed for students who are interested in the careers
at the management level in engineering-based businesses. You gain the necessary knowledge in engineering, math and science to
understand the industry and the business knowledge and practical skills to run the business.
Minors and concentrations
You can choose minors from within Engineering or from the Schools of Business and Arts & Sciences or orient your educational
experience toward a particular career goal with a professional concentration, such as:
Architectural Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Biomolecular Engineering
Materials Engineering
Construction Engineering Management
Structural Engineering
Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering:
Our reliance on energy-rich sources of fossil fuels has enabled growth of modern
society, increasing our mobility, industrial growth, domestic comfort, abundant food supply, and economic prosperity. Engineers are
among the many types of professionals that need to understand the limits of our present energy systems and lead us to a future
in which we can continue to provide reasonable energy resources for human quality of life. This new minor emphasizes that all
engineering disciplines are necessary to develop and assess technologies to both increase the efficiency of our energy use and
advance renewable and alternative energy sources.
First-Year Advising Center and University Studies
University Studies allows you to investigate options during your first year,
without declaring a major, under the guidance of the First-Year Advising
Center.You’ll take courses based on your interests and our advice so that
within two semesters you will be able to enroll in a major of your choice and
still earn your bachelor’s degree in four years.
Clean Water a Half a World Away
Clarkson’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders joined forces with fellow
students enrolled in a civil engineering course to find solutions for unclean drinking
water for the Ecuadorian village of La Margarita. Residents there rely on the adjacent
Los Tintos River for most of their drinking water, but the river is also a dumping site for
waste and sewage. After spending a week in La Margarita meeting the villagers and
conducting water quality and public health surveys, as well as structural surveys of the
75 homes in the village, the students designed an easy-to-use clay pot water filtration
Now, the student engineers are developing the prototype and will head back
to Ecuador to set it up and educate the townspeople on how it works. The group
hopes to use the final design in other towns and eventually do more humanitarian
work in La Margarita focusing on wastewater issues.
“A lot of groups just go in and give a town money,” says Clarkson student Andres Orlando. “That doesn't really
work. We wanted to give them something useful, something that will last.”
Maria Lang ’11
Mechanical Engineering major
Honors Program & McNair Scholars Program
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholars Program
Professional Development Chair, Clarkson chapter of the Society of Women Engineers
Two summer internships with the NASA Academy Program at Goddard Space Flight Center
2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Future goals?
To pursue a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and work at NASA as an
aerospace engineer and astronaut!
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