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Australia, Hong Kong, England, Sweden, France, IBM, General Electric, NASA,
the U.S. Senate, Wyeth Air Force Research Laboratory ... the list goes on.
The second you arrive on campus you can start your career preparation and
resume building by participating in some of the many study abroad programs and
paid internships available. Clarkson’s Career Center is a critical hub for students
and will help you find the right co-op or internship experience, create and post
your resume on its online recruiting site, and even find a job when you’re ready.
And study abroad? Well, at any given time, our students can be found at
39 universities in 20 countries.
Parlez-vous francais?
Clarkson students take their new-found knowledge and dive into immersive
experiences on campus and around the world that bring the theoretical to life:
• Exploring the Australian Mallee forests to uncover the habitat preferences of
the house mouse and the bush rat.
• Delving into the archives in Berlin, Heidelberg and Freiburg, Germany, to compile
a series of published essays on human heredity and politics under the Third Reich.
• Researching and co-authoring a paper on the correlation between the
Human Papillomavirus and cervical cancer.
• Traveling to the Arctic Circle to investigate the global nitrogen cycle and its
importance to stream ecosystems.
• Finding better ways for the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to
allocate costs across news, sports, entertainment and other divisions.
• Modeling the heat transfer of the fuel system on the Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft.
• Learning Chinese cultural perspectives by attending City University of Hong Kong.
• Writing the documentation for IBM’s latest software and hardware innovations.
• Studying the unique properties of the black hole in the x-ray binary system,
SS433, in the desert sky of Socorro, New Mexico.
• Restructuring BMW’s overseas distribution methods with the company’s
logistics and planning team in Steyr, Austria.
• Clarkson students routinely haunt the halls at General Electric and log on to
the internal portals of IBM. Many of them end up employed there after
they graduate.
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96% Job Placement Rate,
one of the highest in the nation.
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