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Being at Clarkson is like living in a virtual version of the real professional world.
From your first semester, you’ll have loads of opportunity to apply your ingenuity and
creativity, and try out the knowledge and critical-thinking skills you learn along the way.
Here, you can take meaningful, post-college risks — safely. You can start a
business. Design an automobile. Work with patients. Take the Linux Challenge.
Consult with companies. Develop medical diagnostics. And learn from your
successes and mistakes.
How 21
century is that?
Best of all, in the process, you’ll be making critical headway on the kind of
serious challenges that confront our world today.
“I was able to turn something I was passionate about, skateboarding, into my
Honors research project. I worked with the original builder of skateboarding’s
largest structure, the MegaRamp, to develop calculations that would result in a
better engineered — and safer — design. MegaRamp actually flew me out to
the X Games in California for two weeks so that I could get all the footage and
measurements I needed for the lab. It was such an awesome experience.”
Emily Stefano,
mechanical engineering
“Over the last 20 years, we’ve hired more engineers from Clarkson than any
other university. Why? Because Clarkson grads arrive prepared for the work
we do. They look at issues as opportunities, not problems. A Clarkson grad
will never list 10 reasons why he or she can’t do something.”
— Scott Waring
, Human Resource Specialist
General Dynamics, Electric Boat
“IBM Global Business Services has chosen the Clarkson School of Business
as one of our core schools to recruit from because we have found that their
graduates have the right combination of process knowledge, technical
expertise and strong work ethic. History has shown that Clarkson graduates
also fit well into the IBM culture and tend to be long-term, high-performing
individuals that add value right from the day they start.”
— John Rhodes
, Partner
IBM Global Business Services
If you folded an ordinary piece of paper in half 51 times, it would make a stack higher than the
distance between the earth and the sun ... assuming you could, which of course you can’t.
r ... can you?
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