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Think of how long it took for NASA to build the space shuttle. Okay. Shrink the
scale. Hyperdrive the project into a single school year. Fuel the designers with
lots of caffeine and pizza. Now you have the SPEED program.
Every year, Clarkson students get involved in Student Projects for Engineering
Experience and Design (SPEED) in which they compete against student
teams from other universities to design, fabricate, test — and possibly market
— inventions such as solar-powered airplanes, concrete canoes, ATVs and
race cars. And it’s not just engineering students who are involved. These
projects require students from a wide variety of disciplines including business,
communication, manufacturing, engineering, science and mathematics to work
together quickly to create original, innovative products.
At Clarkson, collaboration begins with you and your professors. Our faculty
members keep their doors open, their phones on, their minds attentive. They’ll
work with you to work out the details of a vexing term project.
That’s because we recruit faculty members who are experts in their fields
and who love to teach. Over the years, countless professors have been
recognized for their stellar achievements both in and out of the classroom.
Want to know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with? Find out more about
our accomplished faculty at
“I love how
available my professors
are and the
small class sizes
. My physics lab
professor gave us his cell phone number, just in case we ever needed anything.
I thought that was really cool.”
— David Yambay
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