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Years ago, long before it was the “in” thing to do, we nixed the idea of an
assembly line education — the kind of education that prepares students to be
good at just one thing: accounting, engineering, biology, whatever. It’s not the
way the world works, and it’s not the way a university should operate either.
Here, you’ll work side by side with students and faculty from other disciplines
whose concerns are different from your own. In the process, you’ll come to
understand the collective power of teams, become an efficient problem solver,
learn to communicate effectively, and gain a better grasp of the big picture.
These are the bottom-line skills required in today’s complex interdependent,
technologically swift world. These are the skills employers are looking for.
These are the skills that will set you apart upon graduation.
Is it any wonder that one in five Clarkson alumni is already a CEO, president,
owner or senior executive of a company?
While we integrate learning in all our majors, we also offer several majors in
which the coursework deliberately spans academic boundaries in order to
produce adaptable, well-rounded thinkers:
• Engineering & Management
• Aretê (Business and Liberal Arts)
• Environmental Science & Policy
• Digital Arts & Sciences
• Biomolecular Science
• Environmental Health Science
• Software Engineering
• Applied Mathematics & Statistics
• Social Documentation (Communication &
Media and Social Sciences or Humanities)
More than 60%
of courses have a
Now That’s
Top 15 entrepreneurship
in the nation
Entrepreneur magazine
The Princeton Review 2014
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