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In addition to a variety of undergraduate programs from which to choose,
Clarkson offers two special programs for the truly motivated student.
The Clarkson School (TCS) is an opportunity for talented secondary school
students to begin university study early. Students attend classes with freshmen,
have access to everything the University offers, and — upon completion of the
one-year program —are admitted with advanced standing to Clarkson and
other outstanding universities.
If you like to push your limits and want an extraordinary academic challenge,
try Clarkson’s Honors Program. Before the school year even begins, you and
your fellow Honors students will start to explore some of the biggest emerging
issues in science, technology and society. In the process, you’ll hone your
leadership skills, become a first-rate problem solver, and become ready to
hold your own with giants in business, industry and education.
University Studies allows you to investigate options during your first year, without
declaring a major, under the guidance of the First-Year Advising Center.You’ll
take courses based on your interests and our advice so that within two semesters
you will be able to enroll in a major of your choice and still earn your bachelor’s
degree in four years.
And no matter what major you choose, you’ll have access to the Student Success
Center, which provides tutoring, support and advising services to make sure that
you are reaching your personal goals throughout your time at Clarkson.
of study
A third
of the world’s people live on less than $2 a day. Will you change their lives?
Aeronautical Engineering
American Studies
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Aretê (Double major in Liberal Arts and Business)
Biomolecular Science
Business Studies*
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Digital Arts & Sciences
Electrical Engineering
Engineering & Management
Engineering Studies*
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health Science
Environmental Science & Policy
Financial Information & Analysis (finance, accounting,
management information systems)
Global Supply Chain Management (operations, marketing,
technology and economics)
Information Systems & Business Processes (technology,
management, data analysis and operations)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (marketing, management,
technology and economics)
Liberal Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Therapy (pre-physical therapy leading to a doctorate)
Political Science
Pre-Medical Sciences (dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant
and veterinary)
Science Studies*
Social Documentation (Double major in Communication & Media
and Social Sciences or Humanities)
Social Sciences
Software Engineering
University Studies*
5 yr. BS/MS in chemistry or biomolecular science
5 yr. BS/MBA
3 yr. BS programs are available in some disciplines
* For students who are still exploring their fields of interest
Graduate Programs in Business, Engineering, Mathematics and
Sciences (MS, ME, MBA, DPT, PhD). For a full listing by area,
please go to:
“Skipping my senior year of high school wasn’t something
I ever considered, until I found TCS. It was extremely
challenging, but also the best year of my life so far.
I’ve grown so much.”
— Claire Berrigan, TCS ’13, Atlanta, GA
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