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“I’ve never worked so hard. But you know ... I absolutely love it!”
— Emily MacWilliams,
Chemical Engineering
Top University
One of the nation’s top universities with doctoral programs,
U.S. News & World Report, 2014.
Best ROI
Top 20 on the Fifty Most Affordable with a Return on Investment list,
Bloomberg Businessweek, 2011.
Best Engineering Program
Among the best undergraduate engineering programs in the nation,
U.S. News & World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2014.
Most Innovative Program in North America
Digital Arts & Sciences major, International Digital Media
and Arts Association.
One of 12
Universities whose new graduates earn more than Harvard’s, ABC News and
PayScale 2012.
Top 15 in the Nation
Entrepreneurship program ranking,
The Princeton Review and
Entrepreneur magazine, 2014.
Top 20 in the Nation
Supply chain management program,
U.S. News & World Report,
America’s Best Colleges, 2014.
Number of organizations represented
at Clarkson’s Fall 2013 Career Fair.
“You go to a lot of campuses and the students are protected from life outside.
But here, there’s a sense of reality about what work — and the world — are
really like. We recruit here every year because Clarkson students know what it’s
like to go from the academic world to the workforce. They leave here prepared.”
— Michelle Flanagan,
University Recruiting Manager, IBM
Only 30%
of new businesses make it. Prepare to be one of the few.
Maria Lang
Mechanical Engineering major
Honors Program & McNair Scholars Program
Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics Scholars Program
Professional Development Chair, Clarkson
chapter of the Society of Women Engineers
Two summer internships with the NASA
Academy Program at Goddard Space
Flight Center
2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Future goals?
To pursue a Ph.D. in
aerospace engineering and work at NASA
as an aerospace engineer and astronaut!
Internships —The Inside Story
#1 for
in the nation
U.S. News
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