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At Clarkson University, students aren’t interested in finding their inner selves.
Our students know who they are. They’re focused. Curious.
. And
they arrive here eager to flex their potential.
Give them a weekend and the right tools and they’re likely to envision a new
propulsion system to explore deep space. Or start a business in Potsdam that can
go global on the web. Or investigate the impact of technology on the human psyche.
We believe education should prepare you for the way the world actually works
— that your learning experience should be grounded in
That’s because employers are looking for professionals who understand
challenges as well as tomorrow’s opportunities and are prepared to
meet them. It’s the reason we partner with businesses and corporations to
help shape our programs. These partnerships keep our courses fresh and
relevant and our graduates in high demand.
Yes, we work hard here. But at the end of the day-week-month-semester,
you’ll have achieved something meaningful. You’ll have a resume with actual
experience. And upon graduation, your work will take you waaaaay past the
starting line.
Research ... around the world
Physics and electrical engineering double major Paul Russell ’11 spent nine
weeks at the Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan working on a research
project to develop an implantable biosensor that would continuously monitor
glucose levels for people with diabetes. He was one of only 16 American
students chosen to participate in the program, which was sponsored by the
National Science Foundation.
The best part? “I was able to use what I’ve learned in both my majors for my
research. And in terms of nanotechnology and research in the electronics
field, they’re among the best. So having the opportunity to work in Japan was
very exciting,” says Paul.
to rule the future.
Be ruled by the future.
Are you ready?
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