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Combines finance, accounting, technology and economics.
Employers have been telling business schools for years that FINANCE graduates know too little accounting and
ACCOUNTING graduates know too little finance, and BOTH know too little about information systems. Clarkson’s
hybrid approach to financial education focuses on creative problem solving, not rule following. We offer you the
opportunity to get a degree that will prepare you for careers that might include corporate controller, financial
analysis, risk analysis, cost management or management accounting.
Combines technology, management, data analysis and operations.
Do you think spending four years to get a degree to do a job that can be outsourced for $10/day is a good idea? Neither
do we. Our degree program in Information Systems and Business Processes will help you develop skills in identifying
the information needs of an organization and then design and implement hardware and software solutions that help
companies solve problems, streamline processes and improve performance. Collaboration, communication and solving
complex problems are embedded in our courses and are required by the employers that hire our graduates.Why? Our
graduates often become part of global teams that help organizations unleash the power of technology. Sounds more
rewarding than sitting in a cubicle writing software, doesn’t it? Our graduates agree that it is too.
Combines management, engineering, science and technology.
Today’s global marketplace requires individuals involved in the integration of
technology and business management; individuals who understand engineering
but are firmly grounded in the realities of business decision making.
That’s where Clarkson’s E&M program comes in.
E&M draws upon Clarkson’s established strengths in engineering and
management. The program was developed in partnership with industry
leaders to meet the growing demand for individuals with strong skills in both
engineering and business who can bring a broad business and technical
perspective to complex business and industrial management.
The E&M program is ideal for those who desire breadth and flexibility in a
career centered on leadership and technology.
Aretê is a double major that fuses practical business preparation with a grounding in
the humanities and social sciences so that students gain the leadership skills, and
human and cultural insights needed for success in today’s multinational businesses.
University Studies allows you to investigate options during your first year,
without declaring a major, under the guidance of the First-Year Advising
Center.You’ll take courses based on your interests and our advice so that
within two semesters you will be able to enroll in a major of your choice
and still earn your bachelor’s degree in four years.
“IBM Global Business Services has chosen the Clarkson School of
Business as one of our core schools to recruit from because we have
found that their graduates have the right combination of process
knowledge, technical expertise and strong work ethic. History has
shown that Clarkson graduates also fit
well into the IBM culture and tend to be
long-term, high-performing individuals
that add value right from the day they
— John Rhodes,
Partner, IBM Global Business Services
Larry Compeau
Larry Compeau has devoted much of his professional life to understanding
how and why consumers behave the way they do in response to shifts in
the marketplace.
And in today’s economic downturn, Compeau says, “Cost is king.”
“Consumers drive the marketplace,” he says. “And consumer demand for
low-cost products has never been higher. For companies, the pricing strategy
is no longer one component in an overall marketing scheme; it is the most
significant part of a business model.”
Consumer protection laws bar companies from engaging in deceptive
pricing strategies, but that doesn’t always stop them. Compeau is the
go-to expert in legal cases when companies stand accused of making
misrepresentations of pricing to the public. He has been called on to provide
expert testimony in numerous cases, including actions against a major computer
manufacturer and a major Internet retailer for deceptive price advertising.
His impact in the field is reflected in his numerous book contributions
and influential articles.
What’s more important? The customer or the competition?
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