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Combines operations, marketing, technology and economics.
Picture a large factory where metal, plastics and components are converted
to finished products. Visualize a huge plant where the manager controls the
operation from a catwalk suspended above the floor. You might be able to
picture a plant and a job like this, but it’s actually very unlikely you’ll ever work
at one. In today’s global economy, companies across the globe are partnering
to streamline the manufacturing process. The work you envision standing on
that catwalk is actually all done through software. However, planning, timing
and negotiations that create and sustain relationships between organizations
all over the globe is how products get created and delivered today … and this
is what global supply chain management is all about.
It starts with our programs.
Developed with international business leaders and corporate recruiters, the majors we offer cut across traditional business
lines. They combine curriculum in the same way that businesses are organized. Each of our undergraduate majors blends two or
more disciplines to create a highly effective and dynamic degree.
Our graduates grasp the complexities of business, and are versatile, flexible, adaptable and ready to change as fast as
business today changes.
All Business School majors enroll as a general Business Studies student in their first year and explore each field with an advisor
before choosing a path that fits their career goals and interests.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Combines marketing, management, technology and economics.
Tomorrow’s employers told us something in a loud and clear voice: Innovation is critical to economic growth and we need college graduates
that understand innovation. We prepare our graduates two ways. 1) You will learn how new ideas are developed and transformed into
valuable new products and services. 2) You will have plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty and learn about innovation in a real-
world context — starting your very first semester on campus.
The Reh Center for Entrepreneurship offers business students internships with local entrepreneurs in need of assistance. Students
work hand-in-hand with the small business owners to find solutions to real-world challenges and make improvements that will help the
business succeed in the future.
Remarkably Successful Careers Begin Here
“The Global Supply Chain Management program
has given me a modern understanding of how
companies survive and thrive in the international
business environment today, from lean
manufacturing to environmental sustainability.
Many of our professors work with real companies,
so they bring firsthand knowledge of what
issues companies are facing and how to fix them
to the classroom, which is a great learning tool.”
— Adam McKnight ’11,
Innovation & Entrepreneurship and
Global Supply Chain Management
School of Business supply chain management program among the top
20 in the nation.
— U.S. News & World Report, 2013
One in five
Clarkson alumni is
already a
CEO, president, vice
president, owner
of a company.
outside of the
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