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It’s no coincidence that one in five Clarkson alumni is a CEO, senior executive
or owner of a company. When you enroll in our School of Business, you’ll join
a supportive, successful community of next-generation business leaders.
What makes Clarkson different?
You will get an integrated business education.
We collaborate with industry leaders so our programs are fresh and relevant and
our business curriculum mirrors the way business really works. To be an effective
marketing professional, for example, you need to grasp finance, operations and
accounting in addition to the fundamentals of marketing. Our undergraduate
business majors are designed to equip Clarkson graduates with an integrated
understanding of business processes — from information technology to global
supply chain networks — plus the skills and experience to deliver results.
You will learn by doing.
It starts with your first year. All School of Business first-year students
are challenged to develop a new product or service, pitch real investors
and launch an actual business — all before Thanksgiving Break. Actually
operating a business gives you a crash course in accounting, marketing,
humans resources, operation’s, supply chain management and other
business principles. By the time you’re a sophomore, you’ll have a pretty
good understanding of how business works.
You will go global.
Success in a global marketplace requires a firsthand understanding of how
different cultures do business. That’s why we require nearly all undergraduate
business students to have an international experience, whether it’s a
semester-long study abroad or a shorter faculty-led trip through the Global
Business Program.
A 21
-century business education
to fuel your 21
-century career.
First-Year Students Take All
Last fall, when first-year business students arrived on campus, they knew
one of their classes would require them to start and run a business. But
their story doesn’t end with their final grades that semester.
Their business, Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS), was awarded
first prize in the third annual New York State Business Plan Competition.
Competing against more than 120 business teams from 25 colleges and
universities across New York state, the team came away with $10,000 in
cash, and professional services valued at $5,000.
IDS created “OrdrIT," a Web application, which allows spectators to
access a stadium’s concession menus from their seats without missing
the action at a sporting event. The product was used at Clarkson’s Cheel
Arena during Division I hockey games.
Now the IDS company is meeting with stadium managers — including
the Yankees — to sell their product.
Not bad for 18-year-olds.
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