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Rama Yakubu ’11
Biomolecular Science, Chemistry, Pre-med
Heidelberg, Germany
Research project involving screening
for serum biomarkers in cancer patients
with Prof. Costel Darie
Named a UNCF-Merck Undergraduate Fellow
with two summer internships at Merck Labs
Treasurer of the Biological Honors Society
Future plans?
Attending Albert Einstein
School of Medicine to pursue an M.D./Ph.D.
Political Science:
Understand politics, justice and the social context of policy, science and technology. Get to know America’s
political institutions and those of other societies.
Investigate how science and the mind come together in health, cognition, society, physiology, business and the clinic.
Social Documentation:
Combine your interests in social sciences or humanities with a proficiency in communication and media
technologies to preserve history in the making.
Social Sciences:
Study history, politics, anthropology and sociology to learn how people create the human world and their lives in it.
Software Engineering:
Master the application of theory with the knowledge and understanding of software processes in order to
build complex software systems that run global business enterprises and underpin cutting-edge research and diagnostic solutions.
multidisciplinary majors offered through the
Institute for a sustainable environment
Environmental Health Science:
Take charge of the health and safety of people in their work and community environments. Emphasize
the ability to manage and understand potential hazards and contaminants, as well as ergonomic factors that inhibit productivity.
Environmental Science & Policy:
Shape public and corporate policy by bridging ecology and environment with the complex social
and political issues that confront businesses, government and society. Help people and economic development coexist with the
natural environment.
At Clarkson, all classrooms and
study spaces are wireless and
every dorm room has a 100Mbps
Ethernet connection, all of this
is supported by the University’s
high-speed fiber backbone.
Computing resources are robust:
Linux clusters, a virtual reality
laboratory, up-to-date computer
labs and high-speed Internet
connectivity. The Open Source
Institute, Internet Teaching Lab,
and Kodak Center for Excellence
in Communication, allow you to
maximize computing resources
for just about any project you
take on.
Careers in Health and Medicine
You can pursue any undergraduate major as a
student and receive advising from your academic
program and pre-physical therapy advisors. Pre-physical therapy
students take introductory courses in physical therapy principles,
and Clarkson students meeting entry requirements are guaranteed space in the
professional graduate program. Through this special advising program, you can
be on a path for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Clarkson in as little as six
years with accelerated study.
Pre-PA Plan
A pre-Physician Assistant (pre-PA) plan is
available for incoming freshmen in any major.
Pre-PA students will take prerequisite courses,
maintain a 3.25 GPA, and obtain health care
experience in their undergraduate years.
Advising will be available from the PA faculty
along with the student’s major advisor and the
health science advisor. Successful completion
of the pre-PA Plan will result in an interview
for Clarkson’s Master of Science in Physician
Assistant Studies (MSPAS) program, of which
50% of available seats are reserved for Clarkson
Pre-health Advising (pre-medicine, pre-
dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine)
The University’s comprehensive curricula in
the liberal arts and sciences, business and
engineering provide a rigorous backdrop for
students interested in pursuing advanced
degrees in medicine or health. Specialized
personal advising, intensive research
experiences and practical clinical opportunities lead to outstanding placement
rates of graduates into medical and dental schools, physical therapy programs and
other health fields.
Placements in health and medicine in the last three years have included Boston
University, Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Stony Brook, University of
Rochester, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio School of Optometry,
University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, and SUNY Buffalo among others.
Through special advising, all of the majors at Clarkson excel in preparing graduates
with exactly what law schools want — students with an ability to analyze complex
problems and reflect on diverse views. A degree from Clarkson will set you apart
because you’ll have the added savvy of computing and information technology skills
working for you. Clarkson also offers a law studies minor.
First-year Advising Center and University Studies
University Studies allows you to investigate options during your first year, without
declaring a major, under the guidance of the First-Year Advising Center. You’ll take
courses based on your interests and our advice so that within two semesters you
will be able to enroll in a major of your choice and still earn your bachelor’s degree
in four years.
Clarkson’s Army and Air Force ROTC contingents provide opportunities
for leadership experiences and develop self-confidence. Students can obtain
scholarships and earn a commission as an officer. Our ROTC program
ranked #2 in the nation by Washington Monthly.
Marty LaFleur ’13
Biomolecular Science
Potsdam, New York
Three years in lab researching cancer
Summer research at Memorial Sloan-
Kettering Cancer Center, New York City
Future Plans?
Pursuing his Ph.D. in
Immunology at Harvard Medical School
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