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It’s also who you know. Success breeds success. One of the major power
plays of Clarkson is that our alumni are fiercely loyal to the University and
actively promote hiring Clarkson students for work at their organizations.
Some of the names you may have heard of:
Albert Einstein School of Medicine
California Legislature
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
General Electric
Duck’s Unlimited
Lockheed Martin
Marker Seven Interactive LLC
Mount Sinai Medical Center
National Grid
O’Brien & Gere
Plug Power
Procter & Gamble
Stack Veterinary Hospital
Sun Microsystems
Tyco Healthcare
U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy
W.L. Gore & Associates
Woods Hole
Our students also pursue advanced degrees
at Clarkson, as well as at universities across
the country from small liberal arts colleges to
national research peers, such as UCLA, MIT,
Cornell, Rice University, University of Texas
at Austin, and University of Rochester to
name a few.
Sixty Percent of all Arts and
Sciences graduates
continue their
education at graduate and professional
Clarkson alumni have
consistently been involved
with many breakthroughs that have
improved people’s quality of life,
including Linux, Java, drugs to regulate
blood pressure, ocean optics to monitor
climate change, the patented Easy-Pivot
lift for severely disabled people, and an
electronic implant to overcome paralysis,
to name but a few.
Claudia Taylor ’10, a biology major with a pre-veterinary science concentration, is pursuing her doctorate in veterinary
medicine at Cornell University.
Matt Williams ’07, who received dual degrees in biology and mathematics at Clarkson, was awarded a prestigious
fellowship from the Environmental Protection Agency to support his studies. In 2008, he earned his M.S. in statistics from
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and he is now completing his Ph.D. in the same field. His research involves applications of
statistical and biological research to human health and the environment.
Unusual? Not for Clarkson grads.
Our emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and research means that students leave here prepared to contribute to the
world of science, technology, commerce and ideas — and we start preparing them from the very first semester.
We talk regularly with employers to assess what our students learn and what skills and capabilities employers seek in new
grads. We take this information and design projects and courses that allow students to acquire these in-demand capabilities.
We also expect you to actively pursue your own professional goals. At Clarkson, we encourage you to work with the Career Center
from your very first semester to identify valuable growth opportunities. Our Career Center team will help you find paying internships
and co-ops, and help you with job and graduate school searches, interviewing skills, and developing resumes that hiring managers
can view online.
This helps your marketability and conditions you to always be thinking how to use your time at Clarkson to generate the
firepower you’ll need when you leave here.
Where will
go from here?
It’s not only
you know...
Our placement rate is
96%, among the nation’s
“Clarkson prepares students better
than other universities. The college
gives students a depth of knowledge,
but they also provide teamwork,
leadership, communication and
technological skills — and they
encourage students to gain solid
work experience. In this market,
that’s essential.”
— Michelle Flanagan
University recruiting manager, IBM
One in five
alumni is already a
CEO, president,
vice president,
of a
1,2-3,4-5,6-7 10-11,12-13,14-15,16
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