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Big Picture
What’s more important?
? Why?
Are you an activist? An initiator? A leader
who is socially concerned? Then Aretê may
be right for you. Aretê is a groundbreaking
dual-degree program that allows students to
major in both business and liberal arts. Aretê
graduates leave here with the marketability
and leadership skills of a business degree
combined with the humanistic insights and
analytical skills gained from a rigorous liberal
arts curriculum. In short, they leave here
prepared for the emerging world. Plus, the
curriculum is a lot of fun. Aretê students read
Shakespeare and discuss the leadership
styles of his heroes. They analyze the
relationship — and potential conflict —
between religious values and business
ethics. And they envision new companies in
different parts of the world.
With a 7:1 student-advisor ratio in the
School of Arts & Sciences and just
3,000 undergraduate students, learning
that crosses traditional boundaries
happens naturally.
Seeking a real-time education where A leads to B and B leads to C? Forget it.
Today’s world is a complex, fast-forward jumble of cultures and concerns. To
succeed, you need to understand old and new, big and small, domestic and
international — and how your piece of the puzzle fits into the larger whole.
In short, you need perspective. And that’s exactly what Clarkson offers.
Whether you’re interested in history and medicine, or math and literature,
or art and computer science, or biology and engineering, or business and
psychology, we’ll help you connect the dots between disciplines. Why?
Because the world desperately needs well-rounded thinkers who understand
the vital, vibrant links that begin with the arts and sciences.
At Clarkson, your journey on the path towards global understanding begins
your very first semester exploring mankind’s greatest ideas. This is your
introduction to the world’s most compelling thinkers — from Aristotle to
Jefferson to Martin Luther King. Reading their words, you’ll begin to understand
enduring human values and how they influence everything from literature,
politics and science to business, engineering and technology.
We believe that arts and sciences majors at Clarkson get a leg up on traditional
liberal arts school graduates.Why?When you learn in an entrepreneurial,
technologically rich environment like Clarkson, you are better suited for the
challenges of today’s fast-paced world and you begin your next career steps
with a much broader background and a network of peers.
As a student here, you’ll be given tons of opportunities to gain practical
experience before you graduate. Our students have worked side by side
with faculty members— and other students — researching cancer, pain
management, virtual reality, environmental cleanup, quantum mechanics,
open source software, Nazi medical abuses, biosensors, smart clothing,
digital imaging, injury rehabilitation, nanotechnology in the media, and ... more.
There’s too much high-level research going on at Clarkson to capture in a
single brochure. Suffice it to say, if you want to test your mettle outside the
classroom setting, there will be plenty of ways to do just that. The ability of
students — including undergraduate students in their first year — to participate
in faculty research is one of the hallmarks of Clarkson.
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