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President's Report
President’s Report
“Our students deserve the credit”
But it’s the students themselves, Taylor says, who deserve credit for making Clarkson the
national leader in professional experiences. “They are our ambassadors. When a Clarkson
intern leaves a position, companies often seek to fill these openings with other Clarkson
candidates, due to their on-the-job performance and work ethic.”
These professional experiences are also another step on the pathway to launching a
successful career, making Clarkson’s #1 ranking more than a statistic. It is an achievement
that has helped the University post another impressive number: a 96 percent placement rate.
This, too, is among the highest rates in the nation.
Thanks to the vision and innovative programs developed by the School of Business,
Clarkson’s entrepreneurship education is ranked among the top 15 in the nation.
But that doesn’t tell the whole story.
At Clarkson, entrepreneurship is more than a program. It is an approach to the
world that places a premium on passion, hard work and vision.
Clarkson’s long-standing tradition of
developing successful entrepreneurs
know how to grow a business, harness new technologies
and seize opportunities in the marketplace has been
recognized once again.
Our entrepreneurship program was recognized
as one of the top 15 in the nation, according to
Princeton Review
magazine’s “Top
Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs”
2013 rankings.
Based on surveys of business school administrators
at nearly 2,000 schools, the annual lists salute only 50
programs — 25 undergraduate and 25 graduate — for
their excellence in entrepreneurship education.
“The rankings recognize Clarkson’s long-standing
commitment to entrepreneurship education across
campus,” says Clarkson School of Business Dean
Timothy F. Sugrue. “Our
faculty, campus leaders and,
most importantly, our students
should be proud of this
significant accomplishment.”
In the School of Business
and through the innovative
programs and opportunities
provided by the Reh Center for
Entrepreneurship, students learn
entrepreneurship firsthand by
starting their own businesses
from the ground up and by
working with regional start-ups
throughout Northern New York.
But at Clarkson
entrepreneurship is not just a
program; it is an approach to
learning, work and life itself.
There is an entrepreneurial
spirit at Clarkson that
cuts across all academic
boundaries. Across the
campus, faculty and students
from every field and every
major come up with new
ideas and develop new
technologies, while honing their skills in creative
thinking, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and
That mindset is reflected in the number of new
technologies developed in our laboratories that are
commercialized through the Shipley Center for Innovation.
[See p. 14] It is reflected in the number of student start-up
companies that begin in a classroom and end up in a venture
capitalist’s office in Northern California. It is reflected in the
success of thousands of our alumni entrepreneurs who have
successfully launched and led companies, and developed
innovative products and services.
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visits with Juliana Stoian ’15 at displays by
start-up businesses launched by students and faculty.
Top 15 in the Nation
Entrepreneurship program ranking,
The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur
Magazine 2013
Ellen Heenan ’13
Engineering & Management
O’Brien & Gere, the Syracuse-based
engineering and project delivery firm.
Heenan worked on new pressure-relief valves and
assisted project managers. The experience was
so successful she’s been hired on, effective right
after graduation in May.
George Calvey ’13
Mechanical Engineering and Physics
Three Internships:
All with General Electric.
Calvey worked with CT detectors — the sensors
that help create x-ray imagery. He even smoothed
out a few kinks in the production process.
Jasmine Alvarez ’13
Lancome, Fashion Closet at Allure
magazine and Bb (Bumble and Bumble).
Alvarez is a writer with an eye for fashion and a
head for business. Her three internships were
all in New York City, and all with well-known
Corinne Higgins ’13
Electrical Engineering
The California-based, wireless tech company flew
Higgins out to San Diego and provided her with
housing while she drafted reliability studies testing
new cell-phone technology. After graduation,
Higgins flies back to San Diego to live and work
on the West Coast.
Interned with ...
for new graduates,
among the
nation’s highest
Number of
hiring new
Clarkson graduates
Number of companies
represented at
Clarkson’s Fall 2012
Career Fair
Morgan Ellingham ’14, intern for the
Reh Center for Entrepreneurship.
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