Clarkson University
of North Country residents
are students in our colleges
and universities.
megawatts of renewable
hydropower are produced
in the North Country.
health, security,
energy and
the world
A commitment to scholarship that advances
knowledge. The development and application
of emerging technologies to drive innovation
that benefits society and improves the quality
of human life. An interdisciplinary approach
that brings together teams of faculty-scholars,
graduate students — even undergraduate
students — to find multidisciplinary
solutions to today’s complex challenges.
global warming — warmer temperatures, changes
in weather patterns, and rising sea levels — are
adversely affecting water resources.
To avert a global water crisis, new water
resources and water treatment methods will be
Clarkson is a leader in the science and research
that are leading to breakthroughs and discoveries,
which will shape the future of water management and
public policy. Working with industry and government
partners and applying the latest technology, Clarkson
researchers are developing innovative wastewater
treatment systems to protect human health.
A New University-Industry Partnership
Led by Stefan Grimberg, chair and professor of
civil & environmental engineering, and Gregory
C. Slack, director of research, The Center of
Membrane Technologies for Sustainable Water and
Wastewater Treatment is a unique university-industry
partnership designed to facilitate cutting-edge
research in the water/wastewater treatment field.
Through the center, engineers and scientists from
Clarkson, SUNY ESF, the Syracuse University Center
of Excellence and the NYS Pollution Prevention
Institute at RIT are partnering with industry giants,
including the Pall Corporation, to promote the
development and evaluation of membrane-based
treatments and materials and to facilitate technology
transfer. The goal is to create sustainable water and
wastewater treatment systems for global applications
while promoting water pollution prevention.
In laboratories and in the field, in
offices and in classrooms,
scholar-researchers are tackling some of the toughest
challenges facing our global community — from
human health and sustainability to security and
information infrastructure.
“For more than 100 years, Clarkson faculty-
researchers have applied their expertise to develop
and use the human understanding and improve
human life,” says William Jemison, vice provost for
research and chair of the Department of Electrical
& Computer Engineering. “That commitment
continues today as the world faces new challenges
and unprecedented opportunities.”
During the 2011-2012 fiscal year, Clarkson
researchers secured $20.4 million in external funding.
That figure represents a 15+ percent increase in research
funding from the previous year. The greatest source of
funding were New York State agencies followed by the
federal government and private industry.
Partnerships among Clarkson faculty-researchers
across our campus are facilitated through the
University’s interdisciplinary research centers,
and often include collaborations with educational
institutions and research centers throughout the world.
While strategic partnerships with industry create a
dynamic engine for innovation and economic growth.
Water Technology Research
Expanding global populations and industrialized
agriculture has stepped up the demand for fresh
water worldwide. At the same time, the effects of
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