Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Sometimes it’s us doing the talking, but
sometimes it’s others talking about us! Here
are some of our favorite tweets sent to the
University’s Twitter account in recent months.
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SenGillibrand: Enjoyed mtg @ClarksonUniv
stdnts & stnding w/Pres Collins to annce bill to
spur tech & science #jobs throughout #NY
OBRIEN_GERE: Pls check out another one
of our @ClarksonUniv co-ops! Meet Danielle
Singer, #Engineering student
EmilyLovez1D: On my way to @ClarksonUniv
for Horizons science camp!
landermm: @ClarksonUniv Knight Class on
Beacon Institute for reunion weekend. Getting
my learning on.
dmandle: Hanging out at Coors Stadium
watching a Rockies game with @ClarksonUniv
CBSNewYork: Teen’s Life-Saving Inventions
Land Him Free Ride to College
entrepreneur #scholarships
BJanshego: First day of research at @
ClarksonUniv a major success. #ilovemyjob
owen_plant: Just received confirmation that
I’ll be studying at @ClarksonUniv next year!
Can’t wait!!
JonathanSchatz: Here at Clarkson University
commencement, happy to see my dad honored
by the institution that sparked his career.
Beth Weise Moeller ’88
Clarkson double major:
Physics & Technical
Company name:
Interactive Media Consulting,
Job title:
Owner and founder
Business owner Beth Weise Moeller is using
social media to help her clients stay ahead of
the curve.
How does your company use social media?
We use social media in a variety of ways. For our
business, we have a Facebook page; profiles
on LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp and Manta; all our
employees have LinkedIn profiles, and some use
Twitter.We use these outlets to highlight projects
we’re doing and share information we feel is relevant
to our followers.We also learn a lot fromTwitter by
following others in our field and related fields.
For our customers, we educate them in the
various social media options, set up their blogs,
pages and profiles in the appropriate venues, and
sometimes manage these pages for them. We
also teach users how to use advertising in these
platforms to effectively target their products and
services to the correct audiences.
Which social media platforms are you
currently using?
Between the business and my personal use, I
have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vimeo, and
YouTube. We also develop a number of sites
using WordPress.
What prompted you to use social media in
the workplace?
IMC was formed in 1996 as a website development
company. Over the past 16 years, the market has
changed dramatically and we needed to keep up.
That meant embracing blogging and social media.
When computer networking was envisioned, even
going back to the 1940s, it was seen as a way to
share information.When the Web took off, it quickly
video views
on Twitter
for a Living ...
Martin Heintzelman, Associate Professor
Economics and Financial Studies
Director, Center for Canadian Studies
Twitter username:
Number of followers:
Number following:
What prompted you to join Twitter?
A conference session with peers focused on
social media and Canadian studies. I realized the
potential both to communicate with students
and to, with relatively little time commitment,
keep up with developments and news in topic
areas that interest me.
What does your Twitter feed focus on?
Mostly environmental economics, but it
also touches significantly on economics, the
environment and public policy more generally.
How do you use Twitter in the classroom?
I use Twitter to communicate news stories
and analysis from other media sources to my
students. We often discuss this content at the
beginning of class.
What do you like best
about Twitter?
The ease with which I am
able to get news updates,
and bring these to the
attention of my followers
and students.
What advice do you have
for your fellow Tweeters?
Don’t let it consume you! I check periodically and
post when I find items of interest, which mostly
come from blogs and more traditional media
Anything else to add about Twitter/social
I have found it useful to have accounts on
many social media sites. In this way, I am able
to separate my personal and professional
interactions. For me, Twitter and LinkedIn are
exclusively the domain of my professional self,
while Facebook and a few others are personal.
exploded into corporate websites. Since
then, the shift has been back towards social
sharing — letting users create and maintain
the content.
What do you find most interesting or
exciting about using social media?
I feel that we can finally get back to what the early adopters
envisioned — sharing information. Anyone can set up accounts
on these platforms and start sharing — and that is the exciting
part. Businesses do not need large marketing budgets to start a
Facebook page or setup a LinkedIn profile.
What do you see as the next big thing in social media?
I’m actually not sure, because I think everyone is still trying to sort
out the effects of social media and what it means for personal
and business life. I see a lot of people who want to build the ‘next
Facebook.’ I see people predicting that Facebook will go the way of
MySpace, but there is no real alternative to Facebook yet. Google is
trying with Google+.
I am starting to see people on social media overload who feel
the need to be disconnected. At the same time, I see reputation
management companies popping up. Businesses are trying to
control their online presence and cannot always do so in the world
of social media. Lawyer-approved answers to postings do not go
over well with social media users.
What advice do you have for others using social media both
personally and professionally?
Try to separate the personal and professional. My Facebook profile is
kept as ‘personal’ as possible. Frankly, my business colleagues don’t
need to see pictures of our latest vacation or the antics of our son.
LinkedIn and Twitter are used for business. The lines are blurring, but
I remain adamant about trying to keep that line between the two. No
business colleague requesting to be Facebook friends has ever been
offended by me saying that I keep Facebook for personal use, but
would be happy to connect on LinkedIn. I then immediately go over to
LinkedIn and make the connection.
Who do you follow on social media?
I follow people and organizations related to my business. I also follow
competitors to see what they’re doing, news and information sites, a
bunch of friends and fun things related to my interests outside of work.
And, of course, the Clarkson feeds!
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