Fall 2012
Fall 2012
A Report on the Alumni Attitudes Survey
Remarkably successful careers begin at Clarkson. Upon
graduation, young alumni enjoy some of the nation’s
best starting salaries, go on to attend outstanding
graduate schools and some have been running their own
businesses and turning a profit even before they cross the
commencement stage. It should come as no surprise then
that students and alumni give Clarkson high marks for
preparing them for a successful career and opportunities
to respond to new career paths.
In Spring 2012, students and alumni provided their
opinions and ideas in a comprehensive survey which
created a baseline measurement of alumni engagement and
defined the underlying drivers and expectations for staying
The survey included a subset of questions given to over
alumni from 160 other higher education institutions
to help benchmark Clarkson’s responses across eras and
other demographic profiles. Faculty also took a version of
• 94%
of alumni respondents say their
current opinion of Clarkson is excellent/
• 70%
say the alumni experience is
but we want to make it even better!
Top Issues Identified by Clarkson Alumni
Equity of a Clarkson degree matters
Career issues percolate to the top
Opportunities to brand alumni association
on campus
Provide high value talking points and
stories to share with others
Segmentation opportunities
Offer more events that go beyond
socializing with other alumni
NewWebinar Series
CU Live webinars provide a great interactive
forum for alumni to share expertise and advice
on a range of professional topics and career
trends with other alumni. Network without
leaving your desktop!
Topics, dates and log in information for
upcoming webinars are available at
If you have suggestions for future topics,
contact Steve Newkofsky at
Turning Ideas Into Action
The news is good …
want a greater Clarkson online
community presence and more
communication via social media
including Facebook and LinkedIn)
the survey to provide a gap analysis of the views on campus
with those of students and alumni.
In partnership with the Alumni Association and
Clarkson University Student Association, the University
is in the early stages of using the results to build a stronger
engagement strategy around what students and alumni seek
most from their lifetime connection to Clarkson. For many
graduates, the return on a Clarkson education is far greater
than just earning a degree and launching a promising
career: The continued connection to their alma mater
underpins professional and personal pursuits.
Alumni across
age groups rated
Clarkson between
preparing graduates
for career success,
job placement upon
graduation, the ability
to respond to new
career opportunities,
a commitment to
personal development,
and a desire to
contribute to their
Key Insights and Actions
Keep the University relevant throughout the multiple phases
of the alumni-University relationship from prospective student
through enrollment to graduate and beyond.
Loyalty is defined as sustained engagement and
commitment over time. For Clarkson alumni, loyalty strongly correlates
to a successful career and the perceived equity of a Clarkson education
in creating that success.
Actions – Strengthen outreach to alumni around career development,
continuous education and professional networking. Link educational
experiences, career growth and personal accomplishments in
Each student segment and alumni era has a distinctive
profile that presents a unique set of opportunities to increase engagement,
commitment, philanthropy and loyalty.
Actions – Expand the range and format of alumni events, and focus
communication styles and channels for sharing information that align to
each segment. Add communication staff to use social technology to open
doors for building connections now, particularly among post 9-11 alumni.
As students, alumni had a high participation in intramural
sports, professional organizations, clubs and recreational athletics.
Actions – Create more opportunities to connect alumni back to campus
activities and brand the Alumni Association to the sponsorship and
support of major events on campus.
Clarkson alumni value lifelong relationships and it is increasingly
important to include spouses, other family members and business
partners as relevant to the Clarkson experience.
To see the entire Alumni Survey results, please contact Steve Newkofsky
By Kelly O. Chezum
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