Fall 2012
Fall 2012
National Grid, has been presented the
Boston Joseph Wharton Award for his
role in transforming a small regional
utility company into the nation's second
largest integrated energy delivery
company, his ongoing efforts to improve
the energy efficiency and environmental
sustainability at a local community
and building management level, and
support of sustainable economic growth
in Massachusetts. The award is given
to an area alumnus who exemplifies
Wharton's belief that extraordinary
business leadership can be a significant
force for improving society.
Harry F. Voss ’59
IM) has been honored with
the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA)
Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment
and contributions to the growth of foil stamping,
embossing and other specialty processes within the
packaging industry; for his leading role in creating the
Global Packaging Alliance; and for his strong belief in
corporate citizenship and community involvement.
As president and CEO of Diamond Packaging
of Rochester, N.Y., the now retired Voss was the force
propelling the company forward. He established
Diamond as an internationally recognized leader
in the industry through a strong emphasis on
employees and by identifying and developing
leading-edge designs, technologies and services.
Anthony J. Palumbo ’60
M.D. (ChE),
founder of the Dove Laser Center and
a pioneer in Excimer Laser Surgery
Correction, was selected from over
noted professionals for top honor
of the 2011 Biography of the Year by
Strathmore’s Who’s Who board of advisors.
John H. Babcock ’62
BA) and his wife,
Loretta, celebrated their 50
anniversary on June 23 in Maui, Hawaii.
Garry Morrow ’63
Carl Putnam ’63
Hal Pettersen ’63
Gene Armani ’63
Spencer Thew ’63
Spencer F. Thew ’63, ’72
CE), founder
of Atlantic Testing Laboratories in
Canton, N.Y., is the proprietor of
Call of the Wild Club and Rocky Top B&B,
offering dry-land sled dog tours through
his 600-acre property in
South Colton.
Douglas L. Kieta ’64
CE), retired senior vice
president of power
at BE&K Construction
Company, has been named
a member of The National
Academy of Construction
NAC). Kieta’s NAC election
citation noted that his
leadership and mentoring
of his team is one of
the best ever seen —
impeccable reputation for
fairness and respect.”
Bill Lane ’53
Earl Dunn ’58
TBA ’58
Dale Smith ’48
Bob Batley ’48
Mitch J. Billis ’58
ME) was a tenured
mathematics professor at Montana
State University when he began to
paint watercolors as a hobby. During
the summer of 1974, he attended a
watercolor workshop and a year and
a half later resigned his position and
began painting full time. You can
view his beautiful artwork at
Robert H. Donaldson ’51
ChE) was deeply involved from early 1970 through mid
with the North American Society for Corporate Planning on its board of directors.
His first role was to develop chapters beyond the originating group in New York
originally called the National Planning Society). During the period of his involvement,
the Society grew to have 20 chapters throughout the United States and Canada.
Donaldson was president of the Society twice, in 1974-75 and again in
He was also involved in the International Association of Planning
Societies and chaired an international conference in Cleveland in 1976.
One of the primary activities of the Society was the publication of Planning
Review, a journal of articles on the art of corporate planning. It brought together
state-of-the-art ideas and approaches to the subject and provides a fascinating
record of the evolution and maturation of the subject over that period which was the
time frame when corporate planning was coming into vogue. Looking through the
volumes, one may see many articles that have as much relevancy to the practice of
management today as they did when they were cutting-edge approaches.
Robert Donaldson ’51 donating 10 years’ worth of the journals he had hard bound for
preservation to Timothy Sugrue, dean of the School of Business, and Charles Thorpe, senior
vice president and provost. This treasure in the Clarkson Library and its School of Business
is available to management students.
Roger Dilmore ’68
Arkley Mastro ’68
Michael E. Radbill ’68
CE) has been
hired by Hill International as vice
president, Project Management Group,
in the firm’s Philadelphia, Pa., office.
Kenneth R. Baker ’69
ME) has joined
the board of advisors at Efficient
Drivetrains Inc. (EDI), a global leader
in advanced, high-efficiency PHEV and
CVT solutions. Baker is president and
CEO of TechBroker LLC. He has had a
four-decade career in the automotive
industry and is a well-known expert on
transportation electrification.
Leo W. Todd Jr. ’69, ’72
MS, PhD Ph),
the Allentown, Pa., chief school
physician for over 25 years, was honored
by the Board of School Directors who
declared him an “unsung hero to
thousands of local youth.” Todd started
the Foundation of Friends of Allentown
schools, guest-taught elementary
science classes and participated in
Sheridan Elementary School projects.
Theodore J. Engle ’70
ME), product
development manager at Revere Copper
Products in Rome, N.Y., received the
ASTM International Award of Merit and
title of fellow for his contributions to
copper and copper alloy standards.
for CH2M Hill, one of three companies
selected for the prestigious project.
Fergus was responsible for design
quality and procedures for the designers
of the Olympic Park and various other
venues of the park.
Arthur R. Titus ’73
ID) has been named
COO at Elliott Group, a global leader in
the design, manufacture and service of
technically advanced compressors and
turbines used in the petrochemical, refining,
oil and gas and process industries.
Donald E. Brooks ’74
ECE) is the new
senior vice president of engineering at
TransAct Technologies Incorporated.
Michael D. Lewis ’74, ’75
Ac) was given an Honorary Lifetime
Membership to the SUNY Potsdam
Alumni Association in recognition of his
years of outstanding leadership and
service to the College.
Edward R. Robinson ’74
Mgt) was
appointed to the board of managers
for Promosome LLC, a privately held
biotechnology company.
Marvin C. Meissner ’75
ChE) has been
named associate director of professional
development at the State University
of New York Institute of Technology in
Kevin W. Schmitt ’75
CEE) has joined
Partner Engineering and Science Inc. as
technical director of building sciences,
Investment Advisory Group, in the firm’s
New York office.
Robert A. Deutschman ’77
Ph) has
joined Inficon as a software engineer for
the Thin Film Business Line.
Morey Lampson ’53 wearing his class sweater, and son Morey Lampson ’74
holding his class sweatshirt. (Sent by Alan Lampson who adds: My brother's
sweatshirt was in the possession of my former roommate at SUNY Potsdam
for the past 30 years and was just returned to him!)
Bruce G. Boncke ’71
CE) was
named a finalist for the Rochester
Engineering Society 2011 Rochester
Engineer of the Year. He is the CEO
of BME Associates in Fairport, N.Y.
Terry L. Brown ’72
CE) is the new
executive director of the Syracuse
University Falcone Center for
Joe Lomonaco ’73
Judy Prosser ’73
Robert B. Fergus ’73
ChE) worked
on the Olympic Park in London as a
member of the international consortium
CLM. He was a project delivery manager
Gerard H. Gifford ’77
ME) has
been promoted to president of
CROWN Europe, comprising 73
plants in 27 countries. He has
been with Crown Holdings Inc. for
more than 29 years and has moved
up in positions of progressive
responsibility and leadership.
Mark R. Greene ’77
ChE) has been
awarded the Milton T. Hill Award by the
New York Water Environment Association.
The award recognizes outstanding
contributions for improving the status
of water pollution control personnel and
operators through training and education.
He is the senior technical director at
O’Brien & Gere in Syracuse, N.Y.
Charles S. Smallman
’77 (
ME) has
accepted the position of senior project
engineer at MeadWestvaco Corp.
Karen A. (Johnson) Callahan
’78 (
of North Andover, Mass., has joined
Marts & Lundy as a senior consultant
and principal.
Michael E. Jesanis ’77, ’79 (
MS Ma), former president and CEO of
Diane (Connelly) Chambers ’78
Keith A. Cota ’78
CEE) is the chief
project manager with the New Hampshire
Department of Transportation’s bureau of
highway design.
Jean E. Spence ’79
ChE), executive
vice president of research, development
quality at Mondelez International
formerly part of Kraft Foods), has
been acknowledged as a role model of
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics), as one of the top
Women Leaders in STEM. This is
an honor she shares with successful
women such as Disney CIO Susan O’Day,
astronaut Sally Ride, and Coca-Cola vice
president Rhona Applebaum.
STEM leaders encourage girls to
stay in math and science in grade school
and high school. “There is peer pressure
that makes excelling in math and
science difficult for girls,” says Spence.
Programs in- and out-of-school that
show girls that STEM can be fun need to
be prioritized. And, showing girls there
are visible role models every chance we
can will also help.”
During her more than 25 years
at Kraft, Spence has held increasing
positions of responsibility and leadership.
She also holds three U.S. and world
patents for her development work as a
research engineer for Maxwell House
coffee, and is currently responsible for
all product and packaging development,
research, nutrition, quality, food safety
and scientific affairs worldwide.
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