Fall 2012
Fall 2012
June 28, 2012
Hi Suzanne,
I agree with you that large organized events can be difficult to manage so that's why
we tend to gravitate towards the smaller, informal gatherings, typically in the form of
happy hours, backyard BBQs, or local volunteer events such as a 5k race, etc. From IBM
I regularly see Krystal Pomerville, Beth Stubbe, Alyssa Breed, Carlos Mesquita, Jennifer
Hinrichs and Joe Fleury. Our group doesn't discriminate though and we also hang out with
Alex Cummings, Mike Davis, Matthew Hadfield and Nate Cote who are non-IBMers.
With a new initiative at IBM, all entry-level consultants are hired into a two-year
rotational program called Consulting by Degrees (CbD). Beth and Alyssa graduated
from the program in 2010 and Joe, Krystal and I just graduated this week and were
promoted to Senior Consultant as well. Carlos and Jen still have another year. As this is a
rigorous program, I know that Joe, Krystal and I have received guidance from Beth and
Alyssa, and we provide the same insight to Jen and Carlos. We like to schedule regular
happy hours as a way for us to reconnect and more informally share experiences about
our projects and potential opportunities with future engagements. I really do feel that
Clarkson created a strong bond between us and we are always looking out for each other.
I've also been involved with recruiting events on campus and have been asked on several
occasions to speak and share my experiences with college students who have been given
offers by IBM. I was one of ten CbDers to attend the 2011 Celebration Event in Orlando, Fla.
This event is an opportunity for the 170+ college students given an offer into Consulting
by Degrees to speak with both senior IBMers and new hires who have gone through the
program. As IBM recruits heavily at Clarkson, I spent additional time after the event to
speak solely to our Clarkson candidates.
Krystal, Alex and I are also roommates and live in Medford so we host BBQs at
our apartment and invite everyone over to hang out. It's nice because we live
outside of the city and when we want to go downtown for a night we'll gather at
Mike Davis' apartment or someone else closer to the action.
That's really cool that you lived in the city after you graduated from college. I
was a little unsure when I moved because I had never been to Boston before, but I
fell in love with the city, especially having so many good friends nearby.
Greetings fro
Carolyn Orth ’10, Alex Cummings ’10 and Carlos Mesquita ’11
of which are named for the donor,” says E
E Co-chair and Trustee
Kevin Parker ’81. “But, we still need to raise $14 million to reach
our $35 million objective. The need is very real,” Parker adds.
More than 95 percent of Clarkson students receive financial aid,
but there is still a gap between available aid and demonstrated
need. Our gifts can help close that gap.”
The Importance of Clarkson Hockey
Men’s and Women’s Division I Hockey at Clarkson remains at
the center of campus life and in the hearts and minds of alumni
and friends. Golden Knights boosters understand the benefits
of hockey’s national exposure for Clarkson and want to ensure
the programs have a first-rate facility and significant program
resources upon which to draw. Campaign gifts directed toward
the hockey programs have already made an important difference,
but more needs to be done.
Cheel Arena is one of the premier facilities in the country, but
it is now more than 20 years old and needs to be upgraded
and improved as the sport — and the competition — have evolved,”
says E
E Co-chair and Trustee John Brilbeck ’68. “Thanks to
the campaign, Clarkson has just completed the first phase of a
four-phase plan to modernize the facility by adding a handsome
coaching suite on the second floor overlooking the arena. But much
more remains to be done. This will be an exciting opportunity to
support the Hockey programs by supporting the E
E Campaign.
We must restore Clarkson Hockey to its rightful position of
national prominence in Division One intercollegiate hockey.”
A Simple Equation
It’s a simple equation, really: The E
E Campaign = Clarkson’s
future. It’s the capital — the time, money and expertise —
that ensures Clarkson will continue its 116-year tradition of
developing leaders who find innovative solutions to the complex
challenges facing our world.
There’s no question we’re headed in the right direction,” says
President Tony Collins. “We invite all alumni and friends to join
us and be a part of E
E as we set the course of Clarkson’s future.”
ast October, Clarkson kicked off
the public phase of the Evolution to
Excellence (E
E) Campaign,
designed to bolster the University’s
emerging international reputation
for leading innovation and launching
leaders into the global economy.
One year later, the success of the
campaign is firmly established. Thanks
to the generosity, engagement and
advocacy of the Clarkson community
our alumni, parents, faculty and staff,
and friends — the campaign is well on
its way to surpassing its $225 million
goal, the largest in Clarkson’s history.
Nearly 50 percent of all alumni have
made a commitment during the campaign,
representing a broad vote of confidence in the University. And with
two years left in the campaign, the Clarkson community still has
plenty of opportunity to keep the momentum going.
A Floor Not a Ceiling
To date, 90 percent of the $225 million goal has been raised. But
as the Campaign Executive Committee is quick to point out, that
number should be viewed as a floor — not a ceiling — with plenty
of room for additional support.
Thus far, the campaign has registered some impressive
statistics. “The average annual gift to The Clarkson Fund has
increased from $400 five years ago, to $535 today,” says Vice
President of Philanthropy & Alumni Relations Dick Johnson.
With respect to all gift commitments for all purposes, more
than 150 donors have made gifts or pledges of $100,000 or more.
Thirty-five commitments are at least $1 million. Add in the
phenomenal commitments from our corporate partners and
foundations, and you can see how the E
E Campaign has grown
and grown.”
While annual gifts to The Clarkson Fund deliver immediate
results for students, many of the largest gifts are designated for
longer-term strategic purposes related to academics, financial
aid, athletics and facilities. The three schools and one institute at
Clarkson are benefiting from 11 new professorships and chairs,
which are awarded to attract new faculty members or retain
existing faculty — all are at the very top of their fields and bring
substantial expertise into the classrooms and research laboratories.
Keeping Education Affordable
There’s a direct connection between accomplishing the campaign’s
$35 million goal for student financial aid and Clarkson’s
commitment to hold down tuition growth. Additional financial
aid resources both decrease the pressure to raise tuition and
relieve students’ debt burden as they launch their careers.
So far, we have raised about $21 million for financial aid.
Over $17 million is in the form of endowed scholarships, many
The E
E Campaign is driving toward record-breaking success thanks to overwhelming
support and an excitement that has ignited the Clarkson community.
During Homecoming 2011, the Alumni Council presented President Collins with a $100,000 gift for the Student
Driving the Future
In June, Clarkson magazine
editor Suzanne Smith asked
Carolyn Orth ’10 about her
professional life in Boston
and how she stays connected
to her Clarkson friends
and alma mater.
Here is Carolyn's response.
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