Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Prof. Laurel Kuxhaus, Tom Burns ’12
and Prof. Kevin Fite
with the walker/cane prototype.
Clarkson Joins Syracuse IAC
As part of a recent award by the U.S. Department of Energy, Clarkson will become
a satellite of the Syracuse University Industrial Assessment Center, which assists
small and medium-sized manufacturers in New York state in evaluating their
energy usage, manufacturing productivity, and waste generation, and in reducing
associated costs.
The Syracuse IAC has helped more than 200 New York manufacturers
to significantly reduce their energy usage and costs. The center also provides
significant funding to support graduate and undergraduate students in the
pursuit of their educational goals through scholarships and stipends.
Three Clarkson undergraduates are currently serving as interns with
the Syracuse IAC Satellite Center.
Undergraduate Team Places Second in Design Competition
An integrated design team from the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical
Engineering won second place in the second annual Undergraduate Design
Project Competition in Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices for their project
Design of a Multi-Function Walker/Cane for Enhanced Assistive Function.”
This marks the second consecutive year in which a team from Clarkson
has placed second in the competition.
The walker/cane prototype was developed in collaboration with faculty
in the Department of Physical Therapy.
Golden Knight Awards
Four Clarkson alumni were honored with the Golden
Knight Award at this year’s Alumni Reunion Weekend.
Gerow D. Brill ’57
Brill received his bachelor of science degree
in electrical engineering in 1957 and was a
member of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.
He also received an MBA in finance
from New York University Graduate
School of Business, a juris doctorate
from Franklin Pierce Law Center, and his
LLM in taxation from the University of
Baltimore Law School.
Today, Brill is a sole practitioner
attorney in New Freedom, Pa. He provides
patent prosecution and general corporate
practices for a limited number of clients,
primarily prior corporate employers and
universities. Previously, Brill was director
of intellectual property for Macrovision
Corporation and vice president of IP for
Reveo Inc. Early in his career he worked
in the television industry.
Brill is an active member of his
fraternity, serving as chairman of the
Greek Alumni Council and as president
of the fraternity. He is a member of
The Annie Clarkson Society.
Lisa A. Napolione ’87
Lisa A. Napolione received
her bachelor of science degree
in chemical engineering with
a concentration in biology in
While at Clarkson, she
was a member of the Omega Chi
Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi honor
Napolione joined Procter &
Gamble as a scientist/researcher
and progressed through the
ranks to become the research
and development global general
manager. Her responsibilities
included 15 innovation centers and
technical labs, including the start-up of the
Beijing Innovation Center. She led the total
R&D program for the largest brand at P&G,
Pampers/Luvs, and led fiber and particle
research across all P&G business units.
In August, Napolione became the
senior vice president and global head,
Research & Development, at Novartis
Consumer Health, a world leader in the
R&D of products to protect and improve
health and well-being.
Napolione has served as the P&G
executive liaison to Clarkson, head of
P&G’s Clarkson recruiting team and on
the engineering advisory committee. She
has also served two terms on Clarkson’s
Board of Trustees.
Douglas Neugold ’82
Douglas Neugold received his bachelor
of science degree in industrial distribution
in 1982.
Neugold began his career at Johnson
Matthey, electronics division, and held
a variety of positions around the world
before becoming president of their
Semiconductor Packages Group.
In 1998, he joined ATMI as vice
president of the NovaSource division.
Currently, he is chairman of the board
and chief executive officer. During
Neugold’s tenure, ATMI has created a
global presence and is recognized as a
leading supplier of materials used in the
production of integrated circuits by the
world’s most advanced device producers.
In 2003, Neugold was elected a
director of Semiconductor Equipment and
Materials International, where he currently
serves as chairman. He has been a member
of the Clarkson Business Leadership
Council for the last six years and he is an
active alumni admissions volunteer.
Robert W. Pomfrey ’77
Robert W. Pomfrey received his bachelor of
science degree in industrial management
in 1977. While at Clarkson, Pomfrey was a
member of Tau Delta Kappa Fraternity.
As founder and president/CEO of
POMCO Group, Pomfrey directs the
overall technology and management
operations of the company, helping to
build it to a multimillion dollar business
that is among the top-10 third party
administrators in the country in terms of
size. He oversees the daily operations and
strategic vision for his company.
Pomfrey is an active supporter of
many private and civic organizations and
nonprofits related to education, health, the
arts and youth programs. He is a regular
participant in regional and on-campus
Clarkson events in Central New York.
Golden Knight Award winners Lisa A. Napolione ’87, Robert W. Pomfrey ’77
and Gerow D. Brill ’57 (Missing: Doug Neugold ’82).
Student Excellence Recognized
Chemical engineering graduate student Basavaraju Agasanapura won the second-
place award in the student poster competition at the annual meeting of the North
American Membrane Society.
Agasanapura’s winning poster, “Hindered Transport of Rod-shaped Particles in
a Cylindrical Pore,” was chosen from 18 entries in the liquid separations division.
The project is important because pathogenic bacteria and viruses present in feed
waters are often non-spherical. A comprehensive model of filtration systems for such
particles is needed in order to design efficient membranes that balance microbial
removal with energy and economic considerations.
Basavaraju Agasanapura and Prof. Ruth Baltus
Bloodline: A Tale of Suspense
Written by Peter Toeg ’70
Lighthouse Books
his work of fiction chronicles the
paths of three men confronting
real and powerful spiritual forces in our
world today. It is an intriguing drama
revolving around the supernatural, faith,
victory and love in
ordinary people.
These three lives
converge in a
stunning finale that
offers a biblical
perspective of a
modern world
that would be
frightening if
not for God’s
Whispers From the Stone Age:
How Knowing About Nature
and Humanity Can Help You
Be Happier
Written by David Gardner ’89
Mountain Peak Publishing
dirondack author David M. Gardner
invites readers on a wild ride
through the human experience in his
latest work. Whispers From the Stone
Age touches on Einstein, Paris Hilton,
Ray Charles and others to shed light on
a wildly divergent set of topics ranging
from animal behavior and religion to
raindrops. In the process, Gardner offers
fascinating insights into the human
condition and
touches on the
most profound
question of all:
What exactly
does it mean
to be human?
Written a good book lately? Tell us about it.
So You Want Your Kid to Play
Pro Hockey?
Written by Jamie McKinven ’06
ormer hockey player and coach Jamie
McKinven says a career in hockey
can be both disappointing and fulfilling.
In this new book, he offers hockey moms
and dads hard-won advice on how to best
prepare as their child progresses through
the various levels of
the game — from
childhood dreams
to adult reality. calls
McKinven’s book
An uncensored
examination of
hockey’s truly
unique culture.”
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