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Lending Cupboard

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Contact Joanne Ackermann (265-6774)

This special interest group is dedicated to helping international students, scholars and their spouses and families. The Lending Cupboard was open for operation the fall semester of 1989.

The faculty and staff of Clarkson and members of Potsdam community have provided the cupboard with more than 15,000 items for distribution ranging from warm coats and toys to small appliances and major pieces of furniture.

Students, scholars, spouses & children from 72 different countries have visited the Lending Cupboard. The Cupboard not only provides needed items to help furnish their apartments, but also offers another facility for informal social interaction with their host culture. These personal contacts help us realize how important international education is and how much foreign students have to offer our community. If you would like to join this group for the 2009-2010 academic year, call Joanne.

Clarkson’s Lending Cupboard has moved from Walker Center to Maple Street next to Robar’s Auto Repair (look for a "Lending Cupboard" sign in the window).

Please call Joanne Ackermann at 268-6447, if you have any questions.