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Coordinators: Joanne and Nobi Ackermann  265-6774

Increase your awareness of the rich variety of birds & butterflies in the North Country.You can learn as well as inform others about sightings, nesting locations, food preferences, habitat development & more. To include your information on this web site phone or e-mail to coordinators.

Fall 2007 Birds & Butterflies Report

Nobi & Joanne Ackermann

This fall has been an interesting one so far and maybe we’ll have more surprises before it ends. For starts there was a Mourning Cloak flying in our backyard on the 7 th of October as well as a Little Sulphur butterfly.

The whole month of October there were between 20 & 30 Pine Siskins feeding at 56 Elm Street, Potsdam. By early November, not a one to be seen or heard.

On the 17 th of October a Carolina Wren was spotted feeding at Lou Ann Lange’s window feeder on Elm Street in Potsdam. Joan Collins reported that these wrens have been known to winter over in resident’s attics in the Adirondacks. Since October 25 th there have been at least two titmice feeding at John Carvill’s dentist’s office on Main Street, at my house ( 56 Elm St.) and at Julie & Skip Leonard’s on Leroy Street. We are assuming these are the same two birds. During the same time period Gene Kaczka reported at least one at his feeder in Hannawa Falls. Jo Anne Partch was away at that time but reports having seen two in September. Jo Anne also had a small flock of Cedar Waxwings feeding from her fruit tree until a flock of Pine Grosbeaks arrived for Thanksgiving dinner, much to the delight of Jo Anne & Dick’s dinner guests, (the Turners & Shipps). The flock of Waxwings as well as 12 Evening Grosbeaks were sighted at Batson’s on County Road 59 near Bayside Cemetery over the Thanksgiving weekend. Julie & Skip had 2 Common Redpolls on the 23 rd of November. John Carvill reported seeing a Saw-whet Owl at his home on May Road on the 27th of November and brought photos taken on the 26 th of an immature Northern Goshawk feeding on a Wild Turkey which had been killed by a fisher.

The usual resident birds are in good numbers this fall too. As I spoke with Jo Anne Partch on the phone she was watching a pair of Cardinals in her backyard in Hannawa Falls and we had two males & one female Cardinal at our feeder here in Potsdam.

Keep watching those feeders & trees. You never know when you are in for a pleasant surprise. Send your sightings to or call 265-6774

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Great Backyard Bird Count(Report and track the birds online- please check the following links.) ask your friends to join is as well. As data pour in from around the United States and Canada, you'll be able to see how your sightings are contributing to a continental picture showing where the birds this year, and how this year's picture compares with previous counts.)

New York State Breeding Bird Atlas

Volunteer birders have conducted an atlas of the breeding birds of New York State. . Information and data are available at the atlas website