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Constitution By Laws Policies & Procedures

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Constitution of the Clarkson Club

By Laws

Policies & Procedures

Adopted by vote of the membership on April 26, 2013

Article I.  Name

The name of this organization shall be The Clarkson Club.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose the Club shall be to promote social interaction amongst employees and their families within the University, and to provide a welcoming environment to those new to Clarkson.  The Club will support the Clarkson Values of diversity, teamwork, caring, growth, and service.

Article III.  Membership

Section 1.  Membership shall be open to all present and retired Clarkson employees and their partners and to legacy partners; henceforth known as the Clarkson Family.  The category of ‘employees’ shall include:  administration, faculty, staff and all those individuals or groups whose activities support the University’s overall mission, i.e. ROTC, Food Service Managers, Research Associates, etc.

Section 2.  Honorary members of the Club shall include the President of the University and partner and members of the University Board of Trustees and partners.

Section 3.  Active membership rights and privileges belong to any in the Clarkson family who is on the membership roll of any of the interest groups, or who is an officer of the club or coordinator of an interest group, or who has informed the Club officers of a desire to be on the membership roll.  Active members have the right and responsibility to discuss and vote on issues affecting the Club.

Article IV.  Officers

Section 1.  The executive officers of the Club shall be the President and the Secretary.

Section 2.  The officers shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting.  The President is to be elected in odd years; the secretary in even years. Officers shall be in their terms of office on June 1st and shall hold their offices for a period of two years.  Officers may be re-elected for 3 terms.

1.  If at the end of the 3rd term, a conscientious search does not yield a nominee for an office, the person currently holding that office may be re-elected.

2.  If an office is vacated between elections and the term of the unexpired office is less than nine months, the remaining officer shall have power to appoint someone including his/herself to fill that vacancy.

Section 3.  The officers’ duties are described below.

1.  The President will coordinate with the Interest Groups and be the public face of the club.  S/he will

  • ensure that each group has a leader who has the email and other contact information necessary to coordinate that group;
  • ensure that someone from each interest group will introduce and represent the group at the Welcome Dinner;
  • facilitate the creation, hibernation, or dissolution of interest groups. 
  • coordinate with the Clarkson University President’s Office about various events which share the purpose of promoting social interaction within the University.  The Club President may be asked to introduce the Club at any of these events.

2.  The Secretary will be responsible for

  • organizing the Annual Meeting,
  • keeping up (or working with a volunteer to keep up) the website,  
  • maintaining the bylaws, minutes, and membership lists,  
  • sending email to all new personnel at Clarkson at the beginning of each academic year to introduce the Club and as necessary during the year to announce special events or new developments within the club.

Article V. Interest Groups

Section 1.  Interest groups are official groups under the auspices of the club open to all Clarkson employees and their families.  The group has a group leader or coordinator who is responsible for

            1.  representing the group at the Welcome Dinner and the Annual Business meeting,

            2. coordinating the membership list and relaying that list to the Club officers.

Section 2.  Groups may be created or dissolved after discussion with the Club President and a vote at the Annual Business Meeting.  A group may be started, run, put into or taken out of hibernation, or dissolved unofficially during up to one year with the approval of the Club President before the Annual Business Meeting is convened.

Section 3. Groups with no interested members may be put into hibernation until interest grows again. 

Section 4. If dissolution is decided to be the best option, then information on the situation must be made available to active members of the entire Club a month prior to the Annual Meeting at which a majority vote will decide the fate of that group as a member of the Clarkson Club.  Every effort must be made to ensure that all stakeholders have opportunity to have input in the decision.

Article VI. Annual Business Meeting

Section 1.  There will be an Annual Business Meeting when all members are given an opportunity to

1.  meet those in other interest groups,

2.  discuss concerns and interests of the club,

3.  hold elections for club officers,

4.  encourage new membership,

5.  hear reports form the heads of each of the interest groups on the group’s activities, especially alerting all present to any changes expected in the next year.

Section 2.  The Annual Business Meeting will be held at or near the end of the academic year.

Section 3.  The Annual Business Meeting may be a physical gathering or a virtual meeting conducted through email or phone calls if there is no urgent concern. However, preference should always be for a physical meeting.

Section 4.  The business meeting of the Club shall be conducted in a way that allows divergent views to be heard and the orderly transaction of business to proceed.

Section 5.  A quorum shall consist of ten percent of the members, but not fewer than ten members.

Article VII. Amendments

The Bylaws may be amended at any business meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.  Such amendments must be proposed at a previous business meeting or be presented to the membership in writing at least four weeks prior to the vote.

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