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Officers and Committee Chairs

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CUB Officers: Spring 2015-Fall 2015

Executive Board
President: Zachary Gordon
Vice President: Nate Hurwitz
Secretary: Ally Sexton
Treasurer: Kevin Murray
Publicity: Brenna Gillaspy

Committee Chairs
Movie Chair: Logan Landrum
Entertainment Chair: Brenna Gillaspy
Music Chair: Erin Donaldson
Comedy Chair: Jennifer Boryczka
Open Mic Chair: Jordeana Clayton
Lights: Ben Moeller
Sound: Jon Blanchard
Social Media Chair: Kasper Cuda
Recruitment Chairs: Sara Cramer and Leudin Dominguez
Hospitality Chair: Christal O'Hern

Tamera Rizk, Assistant Dean of Students
Rob Hart, Media Technician (Technical Advisor)