University of Buffalo Grant Planning Workshop

The goals of the workshop are: (1) to provide prospective affiliates with an overview of the vision and goals of the Center in general and the new University site in particular; (2) to inform prospective affiliates about collaboration opportunities and benefits; (3) to ascertain the level of interest of the proposed affiliates in Center research activities and (4) to obtain guidance from the NSF personnel leading the I/UCRC program.

A brief presentation on the UB site activities can be found here.

Workshop Date

June 21 . 22, 2012


Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors
113 Davis Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2500

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, June 21

8 am . 9 am
9 am . 12 pm
12 pm . 1 pm
1 pm . 5 pm
6:30 pm
Registration, Breakfast
Introduction to Center leadership and activities, Research presentations
Research presentations and informal discussions
Social event and dinner

Friday, June 22

8 am . 12 pm
12 pm . 1 pm
Breakfast, Round table discussions
Lunch and adjourn
CITeR: Center for Identification Technology Research


The University of Buffalo (UB) will be organizing the planning meeting to inform their prospective affiliate organizations of the benefits of joining CITeR. The workshop is the last step mandated by the NSF needed to receive approval to create the site of an Industry-University center. Click here to view a soft copy of the invitation flyer to our Planning Grant Workshop at UB (June 21-22, 2012).

Anyone who is interested should visit the UB web site and register for the Workshop to help the organizers in making the necessary arrangements. The Workshop website is at:

CITeR Contact Information:
Clarkson Phone: 315-268-6536
WVU Phone: 304-293-1455
Arizona Phone: 520-621-5818
UB Phone: 716-645-1558
More Information
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