PRESSv2.jar download file (~1 MB in size)

PRESSv2 is now available for download from the CITeR website. A couple of comments are important for you to keep in mind as you use and evaluate this software.

1. The format for the data to be analyzed depends upon the metric of interest. All of this is described in Computation Methods in Biometric Authentication (Schuckers, 2010). The basic schema that persists in the structure of the data is that each row of a data file will contain a single decision and it is important to include information about the individual(s) involved in each decision as the first column(s) of those rows.

2. PRESSv2 requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 (or higher). A JRE can be downloaded from

Comments or feedback that you have about PRESSv2 are always welcomed. Please feel free to email at: with these.

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