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Concentration in Construction Engineering Management

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The professional concentration in Construction Engineering Management is available to all undergraduate students. The professional concentration enables students to satisfy their particular major while focusing their electives on pertinent courses for construction engineering management. Electives used to satisfy requirements of the concentration include a set of courses that reflect the sub-disciplines of Construction Engineering as defined by the ABET, Inc. Students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in their major with a concentration in Construction Engineering Management.


  • CE 415/515 Foundations, Stability and Retaining Structures
  • CE 441 Concrete Design
  • CE 442 Steel Design

Two of the following

  • CE 405 Construction Planning and Management
  • CE 406 Construction Engineering
  • CE 411 Construction Materials

Two of the following


  • OS 466 Negotiations and Relationship Management
  • OM 480 Project Management
  • OM 485 Quality Systems Management
  • LW 466 Law of the Workplace

Liberal Studies

  • LP 341 Professional Ethics
  • Environmental & Occupational Health
  • IH 309 Introduction to Occupational Health
  • IH 416 Principles of Occupational Health OR
    other course as designated by CEE Department Chair