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Water Resources Engineering

In this Section

Research in water resources and hydraulic engineering includes:

  • Numerical, laboratory and field studies on river flows
  • Mechanics of granular flows
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of ice formation and transport in rivers and oceans
  • Remote sensing and modeling of sea ice dynamics
  • Spreading of oil and other chemical spills on rivers, lakes and oceans
  • Deep water oil/gas, jets and plumes
  • Sediment plumes from deepwater mining

The river flow and ice models, oil/chemical spill fate and transport simulation model and jet/plume model have received widespread applications by government and private organizations.

The river and sea ice studies have involved field work on rivers and in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Research results on the flow of granular solids have significant prospects for engineering problems in geophysical flows such as landslides and debris flow, dredging operations, sediment movement in oceans and rivers and the movement of solids in numerous industrial applications.