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Study Abroad Costs & Finances

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Study Abroad Costs and Finances
A semester or year abroad shouldn’t cost much more than living on campus at Clarkson. If you attend one of our official exchange institutions, you will continue to pay tuition to Clarkson University.  You will pay room and board — the amount varies by location and type of accommodation — to the partner university or university affiliated housing.

Other Expenses
To get a realistic estimate of total costs, you should budget for additional expenses related to studying abroad:

  • passport or visa fees
  • arrival and departure airfare
  • food and entertainment
  • travel within the country or region

Financial Aid
If you receive financial aid at Clarkson, you will continue to receive aid when studying abroad at an exchange partner university. The award will first be applied to your Clarkson tuition, and anything left over will be dispersed to you to help pay for room and board abroad. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to learn more about the process.

Non-Exchange Programs
If you choose to study abroad at a college or university that is not one of our exchange partners, you’ll be responsible for paying tuition and other program expenses directly to that institution. You’ll also need to apply for a temporary leave of absence from Clarkson, which can be done through the Student Administrative Services (SAS) office.