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How To Apply

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Applying to the study abroad exchange program requires some planning, so start early. For a detailed look at the study abroad application timeline, consult our study abroad dates and deadlines.

Academic Planning
Your academic advisor will play an important role in planning a smooth departure and return to Clarkson. He or she will help you choose the courses you will take abroad to satisfy your major requirements and graduate on time. Meet early with your advisor to pick the best semester(s) to study abroad.

The Application
When you have met with your advisor, researched the schools and chosen your top three study abroad universities, it’s time to fill out the Study Abroad Exchange Program Outbound Application. Be prepared to list both the courses you’re currently taking and the courses you would normally take at Clarkson during the semester or year you plan to be abroad. The application will need to be signed by your academic advisor.

Additional Application Materials
We also ask that you submit the following materials and forms with your application:

  • A 300-500 word essay outlining the following
    • What is motivating you to study abroad?
    • What personal characteristics you have that will make you successful as an exchange student at our partner institutions?
    • Why your school choices are a good fit for you?  
    • *If you have already have submitted your application, please make sure your essay covers the above criteria. 
  • Off-Campus Permission forms for classes of FIRST CHOICE university (at least 5) 
  • Current resume
  • Two recommendation forms, at least one from a Clarkson faculty or staff member who can comment on your academic work.
  • Proof of passport(copy of 1st page) or passport application receipt
  • Unofficial transcript, printed from your PeopleSoft account