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Academic Policies

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To ensure that you have the best study abroad experience possible, we want you to be fully prepared academically. For that reason, we recommend that all study abroad students have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Please note that some exchange programs have their own GPA requirements which may be higher than ours. We also want to make sure that the classes you take while abroad will count for Clarkson credit, and fit requirements for your major and graduation.

How to Transfer Credit
Clarkson has formal exchange agreements with over 30 colleges and universities in 20 countries. If you choose to study at one of these schools, the credit that you earn abroad will appear on your Clarkson transcript. You will need to do two things to successfully transfer academic credit:

  1. Once you are accepted by the exchange university and have selected classes, a signed off-campus coursework permission form for each class must be submitted to the Career Center.
  2. While you are abroad, you’ll need to request that an official transcript be sent to the Career Center.
  3. Only a grade equivalent to a "C" or better will transfer back to Clarkson University.