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Ross Young

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Johnson & Johnson
Ross Young '09 (Business & Technology Management)
Ross Young, Co-op Student
Going to college is an experience in itself.  Taking advantage of Clarkson's Co-op Program was the next step to prepare myself for the future.  Accepting a Co-op at Johnson & Johnson was an exhilarating experience for me to gain real world experience and put my education to the test.  Being able to interact and meet hundreds of co-ops from multiple colleges that range from Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Boston, and Michigan was a once in a lifetime chance.  During my co-op I was fortunate to be chosen to lead a Co-op Conference Day for over 150 co-ops from the Pharmaceuticals, RD&D, and Consumer sectors of Johnson & Johnson, while maintaining my primary job responsibilities.  Where else can you get this opportunity in the real-world?  I recommend that everyone should co-op for 3 reasons: 1) you experience a new atmosphere that gives you more experience than your peers, 2) meeting new friends from all over the world and establishing new long-lasting relationships is unique in itself, and 3) co-op helps you to get outside of your comfort zone and prove that Clarkson students are the best of the best.