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Alumni Seeking to employ, advise, or mentor Clarkson students and alumni

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Recruiting Services - Hiring Knights
  1. Hire a Knight
    It is no secret why Clarkson University graduates continue to prosper in the job market – the continuous alumni support and interest in hiring similar talent!
    • Whenever your organization is hiring, please complete our "Hire a Knight" form. The Career Center will gather applicants that meet your desired qualifications. We can forward your applicant materials or direct them to specific position requisitions on your company site. If you have trouble submitting the form using the buttons at the bottom, please save to your computer and email to our Recruiting Coordinator, Margo Johnston.
    • To show our gratitude, you will receive a one of kind, "Hire a Knight" t-shirt! 
  2. Additional Recruiting services
    The Career Center at Clarkson University is dedicated to helping your business or organization achieve its recruitment goals. Our staff takes a proactive role in managing your brand on campus. For full recruiting details, please visit Below you will find a basic list of our recruiting services.
    • On-campus Recruiting and/or Résumé Collections
    • Cooperative education and internship programs
    • Exposure to students - Information Sessions & Club Presentations
    • Career Days, Campus Programs & Virtual Events 
Advising & Mentoring
  1. Alumni Advisor Program Students benefit greatly from the advice, counsel, and feedback that alumni can provide. Many students have a limited view about what they can use their degree for after they graduate. This program allows for direct connections with students centered on topics of their interest.
    • By completing the short registration form, you will indicate topics of expertise (i.e. resume critique, interview assistance, relocation advice, graduate school experiences, etc.).
    • Once registered, you can expect at least two direct contacts during the academic year.
    • An e-mail will be sent to you and the student as a means of connection. At that time, the student will follow up directly on specific advisement topics.
  2. General Mentoring & Discussions – via LinkedIn For general conversations, information, and employment leads, students and alumni may utilize the Clarkson University Alumni Group via LinkedIn. The active discussion forum is often used by students and other alumni that seek broad advice on a variety of topics. There are 5,300+ members to date!
  3. Break for Careers Each Spring Break, the Career Center brings students on numerous company visits throughout the Northeast. This program provides an outlet for career exploration and identification for students who are struggling with deciding on a major and identifying career fields. Each host site may provide a tour, as well as discussions with HR and Clarkson alumni about their career choices and opportunities within their organization. There are no employment expectations. To host a small group of students, please contact the Career Center at 315-268-6477 or