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Birthday Card Program

“21 Years NOT Beers”

The Department of Campus Safety & Security has adopted a birthday card program named, “21 Years NOT Beers”.  Similar programs have proven to make a difference at several universities throughout the country. Michigan State, Kansas State, the University of Georgia and the University of Delaware students report that this program at their universities effectively provided them with healthy tips for celebrating more responsibly, which resonated with them throughout their birthday activities.

Over the last several years it has become more and more common to hear of students consuming twenty-one beers on their 21st birthday.  This practice is now widespread and has become almost a “rite of passage” for students to engage in “high risk drinking” during their college years. 

No one should ever, under any circumstances, consume 21 drinks within a short period. This can easily cause alcohol poisoning and death.  Unfortunately, students often do not realize the dangers of consuming large quantities of alcohol. Nationally, an average of 27 college students dies every week, 1,400 students each year, from an alcohol-related incident as reported by Wellness Services, Boise State University.

Beginning September 1st, 2008 through May 1st, 2009 the Department of Campus Safety & Security along with sponsorship from Clarkson Campus Dining, will issue Clarkson University students, turning 21 years old, a birthday card aimed at helping them celebrate that Birthday milestone more responsibly.  The card will alert them to the dangers of alcohol poisoning, tips for drinking in moderation and useful information in the event someone they know becomes overly intoxicated and requires assistance.  Inside the card will be a self addressed post-card with a short survey about the Birthday Card and any impact it may have had on their special occasion.          21Years

In addition and unique to our program the card itself, when presented at the Empire Diner at Cubley / Reynolds Residence Hall on the day of your birthday will be redeemable for a complementary (free) large pizza (one topping).  Safety & Security, along with Aramark Food Service, hopes that students choose to celebrate this occasion on campus with friends and without alcohol.  If they do choose to use alcohol after enjoying the pizza, the pizza they consume will help in absorbing any alcohol they drink off campus.

Safety & Security cares about all students and intends to e-mail the birthday card to students while they are home for the summer.  Unfortunately, the complementary “Free Pizza” can not be included. – Dave Delisle, Director of Campus Safety & Security