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Fraternity and Sorority Directory

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Chapter  Position   E-mail 
Alpha Chi Rho  President Kurt Whitford
Alpha Chi Rho  Campus Advisor Jennifer Ball 
Delta Sigma Phi  President Colin Weidner
Delta Sigma Phi  Campus Advisor Ian Knack 
Omicron Pi Omicro  President Joe Ireland 
Omicron Pi Omicro  Campus Advisor Dan Rissacher
Phi Kappa Sigma  President Joshua Dalton
Phi Kappa Sigma  Campus Advisor Tom Cruger 
Sigma Chi  President Bryan Davidson 
Sigma Chi Campus Advisor Mark DeRitis 
Sigma Delta  President Joe Zeitler
Sigma Delta Campus Advisor Diego Nocetti
Sigma Phi Epsilon  President Dayton Palen 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Campus Advisor Kate Mikel 
Tau Epsilon Phi  President Christopher Pelky
Tau Epsilon Phi  Campus Advisor Jim Peploski 
Zeta Nu  President Dan Hill 
Zeta Nu Campus Advisor Tim Fanelli 
Chapter  Position   E-mail 
Delta Zeta  President Chelsea Whetstone
Delat Zeta Campus Advisor Stephen Newkofsky 
Kappa Delta Chi  President Mia Cignarale 
Kappa Delta Chi  Campus Advisor Renee Cornett
Phi Sigma Sigma  President Hanna Ring 
Phi Sigma Sigma  Campus Advisor Chris Robinson
Theta Phi Alpha  President  Nicole Traphagen
Theta Phi Alpha  Campus Advisor Janice Searleman 

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