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CAMP December Newsletter: Page 7

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Professor Privman’s Group Focuses on New Features in Surface Deposition
Recent work by Professor Privman and colleagues has focused on new features in surface deposition using nanotechnology. See Figure 4.  Specifically surface patterning, the ability to tailor and vary particle interactions with time, and the use of nano-size patterns and particles, allow for obtaining deposits with improved properties. These include control of the deposited layer density, particle-particle short-range correlations, such as local ordering and avoiding clumping. See Figure 5. Several recent publications about this work have appeared in leading journals. The 2007 article included in the J. Phys. Cond. Mat., was cited by the Journal’s editorial office as leading in the large number of web downloads during the first year after its publication.


Figure 4:  Particle configurations obtained by irreversible deposition on patterned surfaces.


Figure 5:  Formation of the “correlation hole” (suppression of clumping at short inter-particle distances) in deposition of particles of controlled time-dependent sizes.

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