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Innovation & New Venture Management Track

The global economic landscape continues to evolve, and effective managers need to have the skills to anticipate, develop and implement new products and new business models to be successful.

This concentration develops professionals who can understand the development and management of innovation in terms of both market-driven and technology-driven new products. Students have the opportunity to learn to research the needs and wants of end-users for innovation, and to understand the role of information technology in innovative business models that are emerging in the new digital economy.

Students also have the option of focusing on the management of change that is so integrally linked with innovation in organizations. You can also learn financial tools required for successful commercialization of innovation and for the development of a new venture that manages it.

In addition to the Core Required Modules and an Experiential Course Requirement, students who are interested in this track will need to take the following courses in the spring semester:

Required (in addition to modules and an experiential course):
MK689 New Product Marketing
OM676 Developing and Managing Technology

Electives (Choose Two):
FN680 Strategic Financial Management
MK696 Marketing Research Methods
OM680 Strategic Project Management
SB613 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation