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Curriculum & Tracks

The One-Year MBA is a 35 credit-hour program. All students are required to take ten (two credit hours each) MBA modules with a required experiential core (three credit hours) and four additional electives (three credit hours each).

Students can pursue a General MBA or use electives to specialize in one of four focused career tracks: Global Supply Chain Management, Innovation & New Venture ManagementEnvironmental Management and Accounting.  

For the required experiential course, a number of project and consulting opportunities are available through the Clarkson Consulting Group, or students can pursue a Global Business Program option.

The chart below demonstrates how the coursework is structured. You can also look at the course offerings for fall course offerings and spring course offerings for detailed information.

Clarkson's MBA program requires one experiential course to be determined with your advisor.  A number of consulting opportunities and international abroad options are available, including the Clarkson Consulting Group and our Global Business Programs.

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MBA Program Structure